Hello Adoring - March 2022

Hello Adoring - March 2022

We like it, we love it, we’re buying more of it. Word of mouth recommendations spread fast around HQ. We literally have a Slack channel called #gatekeeping…@ResidentYoungPerson, Abbie–will you PLEASE just give in and tell us where you’re buying those cute barrettes from? We’re not keeping our favorites from YOU all any longer though. Read the full spill below. ALL secrets revealed. Correction: MOST secrets revealed. 

Gushers fruit snacks in the break room of Hello Adorn

1. Fruit Gushers: Perfect for the 7 year old and the ….37 year old? The reason this packaged novelty is always the first thing gone from the snack bar probably has something to do with the nostalgia packed into these gems (for the Millennials at the very least). Let’s be real though—who doesn’t love a snack flavored Fruitomic Punch?? Nothing artificial about this healthy snack. 

Aztec Mask Indian Healing Clay in the Hello Adorn studio
2. Aztec Mask: Welcome to the Clean Pore Club. If you know you KNOW…and if you’ve kept this mask on for more than 15 minutes—you REALLY know. See also: Aztec Mask for detoxing armpits.
Hello Adorn Blair Necklace
3. Blair Necklace: We are a jewelry company and I will get FINED if I don’t sneak in at least a COUPLE jewelry items. The Blair Necklace is taking HA staff by storm. Very rarely is there a necklace that we're all wearing non-stop at the same time —we’ve got a wide variety of style interests ‘round here. But here’s PICTURE proof…every single one us is rocking this initialed creation.
Stanley mug, 42oz
4. Stanley Mug: Gorgeous gorgeous people drink a LOT of water. We set ourselves up for success with 42 oz of Culligan freshness every morning. Don’t make the same mistake we did though—wash your cesspool at least 1x/week. And set your alarm for the next drop. 
Peloton App
5. Peloton App: Certainly this isn’t something that we’re the first to discover, but enough of us are Peloyalists that we gotta put a plug in this list. $12/month to have Cody as your personal cheerleader. Who’s in? I’m in.
6. Wild Fable Highest Rise Mom Jeans: The higher the rise, the happier the human. Don’t even TALK to me about jeans with a rise <12”.
A&W Root Beer for root beer floats
7. Root Beer Floats: Life can be hard sometimes, so it’s important to find joy in the small things. The dictionary definition of finding joy in the small things is the excitement level at Hello Adorn Headquarters when root beer floats come out. Has it been 5+ years since you’ve treated yourself to one of life’s simplest decadences? Grab a 2 liter bottle, a 1 gallon carton, and 5 of your thirstiest friends that know a good time when they see one. 
Classic filter coffee pot, burnt coffee smell and all
8. Community Coffee Pot: Adam went on record claiming that he loves that terrible, burnt smell of an office coffee pot. We’ve since leaned into this and start the brand-less bean brew every morning at 7:30 so the smell is maximum burnt for Adam’s 9am arrival.
Ghost stories in the Hello Adorn studio
9. Ghost Stories: if you want people to rip, literally RIP earbuds out, walk into the studio exclaiming that you’ve got a ghost story. There’s literally NO other way to captivate everyone’s attention. UNLESS of course you’re announcing root beer floats on tap downstairs OR exclaiming that there has been a Gusher restock at the snack bar. 
10. Teeny Tiny Band: If Teeny Tiny Band is a team, I most certainly hope I get drafted. I am a TTB loyalist and you will be too when you slip the physical actuality of subtle elegance onto your finger. Don’t be surprised by size—this band is just 1mm in thickness. If you’re looking for something chunkier, here’s a thought: buy TEN Teeny Tinies and stack.
Giant golden doodle in the Hello Adorn studio
11. Pets: Dog, cat, fish, bird, rock…whatever your style is—we support. Except snakes. We WILL judge you for owning pet snakes. 
Gold & Ivy Candles
12. Gold and Ivy Candles: No house or apartment vibe can be considered ~~immaculate~~ until you’ve got a Gold and Ivy burnin’ on a side table. An in store exclusive only (shameless plug for our retail shop bc we love the punch we’re able to pack into 300sq feet of peach-colored paradise), but if you’re not local—shop their site. 

That’s all we know. What are you into right now? Send your recs right back this way! We’re always down to try slugging or masking or whatever the new skin care fad all the kids are swearing by. **Pulls ice roller out of freezer.**