we’re a couple of dreamers.

We used to dream big—really big. We were immersed in our careers in the demanding world of corporate finance and insurance where dreams are meant to be big: Big business. Big companies. Big responsibilities. But the place where we found real happiness was traveling, spending time with our children and families.

When Jess lost both of her parents, there was a heavy realization that tomorrow isn’t a guarantee and seemingly small moments are precious. The big dreams we were chasing no longer fit and didn’t allow time to enjoy the small things that made us happy.

That's when we decided to participate in life in a totally different way. So we set out to create a smaller dream—one that would allow us to prioritize happiness and focus on the things we love. Our small dream came to life as we built a brand doing something we enjoyed, with people we loved, in a setting that inspired us.

We now make beautiful jewelry that delights us as much as the people we make it for. When we let go of our big dreams for a small one, we started to enjoy our lives, together and truly happy.

With a team of 20+ amazing, talented people we work side-by-side, making jewelry, creating lives we love. What started out as just the two of us, working at our dining room table, now lives in a beautiful studio in our beloved downtown Eau Claire, WI.

We sometimes can’t believe the happiness our small dream is creating for us and so many others.

Thanks for visiting and helping us make our biggest small dream come true.

xo jess & adam

meet the team



Likes: Lavender lattes, gold jewelry, humidity

Dislikes: Winter, soggy cereal, rude people

Hot Take: I dislike Christmas. What’s with all the tree chopping? #savethetrees We should all be doing it.



Likes: Lake life, family vacations, riding sideways

Dislikes: End of summer, blaming others, mushrooms

Hot Take: Ego is good...if you're aware of it


general manager

Likes: Buying off brand, anything miniature, Culver’s blue (PMS 7686 C)

Dislikes: Sleeping in, true crime podcasts, ice in drinking water 

Hot Take: Miley Cyrus is the voice of our generation.


Fulfillment Specialist

Likes: Titos at Country Fest, Philadelphia Eagles, Tacos with my dog Bubba

Dislikes: Humidity, broccoli, Dallas Cowboys

Hot Take: Beer is overrated.


fulfillment assistant

Likes: Fresca, dogs, the ocean

Dislikes: Winter, snow, being cold

Hot Take: Drake is overrated

jess b,

Inventory Specialist

Likes: Sunday morning coffee, volleyball, music

Dislikes: Pajamas in public, butternut squash, wet socks

Hot Take: Newborn babies ARE NOT CUTE. They look like squished aliens. Give it a couple of months for them to get chubby and then they are cute.


inventory assistant

Likes: Halloween, yard games, spontateous day drinking

Dislikes: Any white condiment, turtlenecks, plane rides

Hot Take: Shoelaces are not belts


Lead Maker

Likes: Carbs with every meal, glueing rhinestones onto anything, my kitten Rico

Dislikes: Early morning workouts, deciding where to eat, waiting

Hot Take: If you listen to a book on tape, you are allowed to say you read it.



Likes: Fountain Sprite, thrifting, themed parties

Dislikes: Gum, belly buttons, lack of effort

Hot Take: Princess Diana’s death was not an accident.



Likes: Egg rolls, LEGOS, rainy days

Dislikes: Loud chewing, ketchup, scary movies

Hot Take: Summer is the worst



Likes:Olive Garden, fair food, thrifting

Dislikes:Broccoli, spines, being sweaty

Hot take:Home Alone 2 is better than the first Home Alone movie



Likes: Vinyl records, themed parties, dancing at weddings, sunshine

Dislikes: slow drivers, people chomping on ice, intolerant people

Hot Take: ... I can't admit my hot take



Likes: Motorcycle cruises, being spontaneous, tattoos

Dislikes: Spiders, entitlement, bad drivers

Hot Take: I hate hot coffee--even in the dead of the winter.



Likes: Magnolia, card games, camping

Dislikes: Seafood, running, a messy house

Hot Take: I don’t love chocolate.


production assistant

Likes: Slow mornings, spending time outside, & s’mores

Dislikes: Sunburn, paying for parking, & mosquito bites

Hot Take: You always need a little sweet treat after dinner.


production assistant

Likes: Board games, black coffee, blueberry basil ice cream

Dislikes: Being bold and starting cold, ice water, stale chips

Hot Take: Wool socks are appropriate year round.


production assistant

Likes: Sunshine, dogs, mindfulness

Dislikes: Cold weather, styrofoam, rude people

Hot Take: Fireworks are awful. The entertainment they provide is not worth the fear they cause to wildlife, pets, and people.


production assistant

Likes: Cats, purses and robes

Dislikes: Spiders, bad storms, gristle

Hot Take: People should embrace their grey hair because not everyone gets to earn that badge in life and it's gorgeous!


production assistant

Likes: Breakfast foods, drawing, any type of mocha

Dislikes: Onions, horror films, Green Bay Packers

Hot Take: Bangs are bad.



Likes: going for walks, traveling, cooking

Dislikes: drinking water, snoring

Hot Take: Ranch do not go with pizza.


assistant manager

Likes: yoga, football, anything peppermint flavored

Dislikes: When people drive under the speed limit, being interrupted, Halloween

Hot Takes: One Tree Hill will never get old.


Customer Care Specialist

Likes: Baby giggles, dogs, and nature walks

Dislikes: Raisins, arrogance, and crows

Hot Take: I highly enjoy Nickelback


customer care specialist

Likes: Ice cream, warm weather and weekends with her grandparents

Dislikes: Public speaking, sprinkles and coconut

Hot take: Breakfast for dinner is the best meal ever


returns + repairs specialist

Likes: Being outdoors, dogs, Liverpool & the Bengals (sorry Trey)

Dislikes: Wisconsin winters, raw onions, excessive use of windshield wipers

Hot Take: Couch naps > bed naps


digital analyst/strategist

Likes: Records, the sun (any season), the water (not any season)

Dislikes: General disinterest, wind, Peeps (as in the allegedly edible things)

Hot Take: “The band sounded just like the album” is one of the worst things a person can say about a live performance.


digital marketing

Likes: Sunshine, dirty chais and loud music

Dislikes: Traffic, chipped nail polish and spam phone calls

Hot Take: Kenny Chesney makes great music.


social media manager

Likes: Taylor guitars, rock climbing, lefse

Dislikes: Rude people, wet socks (don’t we all hate this?), when I see a cute dog and know that I can’t pet it because of “social rules”

Hot Take: You’re not truly enjoying a balcony unless you’re pretending to look over your land because you’re a princess warrior


graphic designer

Likes: Hot weather, anything outdoors, hot weather

Dislikes: Guac, inconsiderate people, fidgeters, laziness

Hot take: Ranch dressing is disgusting.


photographer + content creator

Likes: Brown sugar lattes, Christmas, house projects/crafting

Dislikes: Spiders, rude people, being hungry

Hot Take: Mint and chocolate are not meant to be combined.


Shop Lead

Likes: Margaritas, soft blankets, Hallmark movies

Dislikes: Being cold, impatient people, doing laundry 

Hot Take: Pumpkin Spice Lattes are NOT all they’re cracked up to be.


shop specialist

Likes: Coffee dates, warm weather, dots honey mustard pretzels

Dislikes: Flannel shhets, loud chewing, awkward conversations

Hot Take: Subtitles are life


shop girl

Likes: Gold jewelry, travel, comfy clothes

Dislikes: Being cold, scary movies, spiders

Hot Take: I don’t really have a hot take


shop girl

Likes: music, sun and water

Dislikes: winter and snakes

Hot Take: you're never too old to dance on tables.


endless gal

Likes: Comfy clothes, ice cold lattes, and golden retrievers

Dislikes: Wet hair, burgers, walking across the UWEC bridge on a windy day

Hot take: Oatmilk > cow's milk


endless gal

Likes: iced coffee, fried pickles, the ocean

Dislikes: mushrooms, the cold, walmart

Hot Take: Everything is better dipped in ranch.


shop guy

Likes: Hockey, long hair, snowboarding

Dislikes: coffee, long lines, hot weather


shop girl

Likes: Iced chai tea, dogs, music

Dislikes: Being cold, school, airplanes

Hot Take: Oatmeal raisin cookies are the best cookies!


shop girl

Like: Her birthday, bubbl'r drinks, Taylor Swift's new album

Dislikes: Vegetables, waking up early, school water

Hot Take: Taylor Swift isn't taking over the music industry, she is the music industry