Tiny Twist Earrings

$ 30.00

Little spirals for your lobes. 

  • Sold as a pair.
  • Wire is hand-shaped and left round (un-hammered) for a sleek look.
  • Designed for a single piercing to look like a double hoop.
  • Perfect for all day, everyday - twist them in and you may never need to take them out.
  • If you have really thin lobes, or your piercing is placed very low and you'd like these to fit snug to your skin, we recommend the smaller size.
  • Handmade in Eau Claire, WI.
All of our jewelry is handmade to order just for you so each piece will be unique and may vary slightly from what is pictured. Due to the handmade nature of our products, items generally ship within 3-5 business days.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 271 reviews
Jessi G.
Favorite Earrings!!!

I love these so much that I ended up buying a second pair. Simple design and super cute.

Alicia V.
Just perfect

I’ve been looking for a long time some subtle gold earrings that I can put in and never take out and these are it! I have moderately sensitive ears and I’ve been wearing them for over a week now and they don’t bother me at all. I also hate sleeping with studs in since they stab me in the side of the head but these of course don’t do that! They’re a little tricky to get in (I saw some reviews saying they were impossible to get in, just make sure you pull them apart enough per the instructions) but luckily I don’t plan on hardly ever taking them out. I was worried they might just twist their way out while I was sleeping or something but after wearing them for a while that really doesn’t seem like it would ever happen. Also they’re totally affordable and quality material. Thanks a million!

Too small

Was very excited about these. I had a really hard time getting these in my ears. They are very small. My ears a normal size, so not sure why it was difficult. Wish I could wear them. :(


I would like to abridge my review- I said 2 stars because when I first put them in, they infected my ear so i thought it had nickel, so I had to take it out but a couple weeks later I re-washed it with soap, and didn’t lie on it for about a week and now it’s PERF!! It’s in my helix piercing and I couldn’t love it more!!!

Elizabeth McGoldrick

Very hard to get in because of how compact they are.