where it all started (kind of)

Our retail store in downtown Eau Claire was our first ever working studio and it is now our only brick & mortar location. Between the shelves filled with our jewelry, the curated selection of other maker goods, our in-shop exclusive Endless Bracelets, and the best shop girls you could hope for, it’s worth a visit.

eau claire: iykyk

If you don’t, Eau Claire is THE gem of the midwest. From the river walks to the cafes & restaurants to the live music and never-ending calendar of events, it’s a vibe not to miss. EC has always been in our heart and we knew we wanted to put studio roots downtown. Now that we have, downtown EC will never get rid of us!

endless bracelets

What started as a little in-store fun quickly grew to a FOMO phenom: The Endless Bracelet. The ultimate commitment to yourself, your friends, or your love for Hello Adorn jewelry. 😉 We attach some of our favorite chains right to your wrist in the shop. No clasp. It’s a forever thing. (Well until you decide to remove it - it's not a tattoo. 😜)

We have many chain options including: Anti-Hero, Fearless, Bejeweled and Lover. The farthest someone has travelled for their Endless so far is 6 hours (that we know about), so come topple that record.

Available every day at the shop!

maker brands

We’re obviously big fans of small brands making special creations, so we’ve filled our store with other handmade goods. From locally made candles to handmade wall banners to art prints, cards, ceramics, and so much more. Sure, we love to support other makers out there doing their thing, but let’s be honest, we’d be buying these things for ourselves anyway. So why not share them with everyone who visits our shop?

visit us

visit us

312 S. Barstow Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Wednesday-Saturday: 10am-6pm
Sunday: 10am-4pm