We’re Seeing Double

We’re Seeing Double

We’ve done it. We’ve successfully faked a double piercing. But did we stop there? No. We did it again. And then? AGAIN. We did all of that so you can have any and all options that work best for you. With the new addition of our Double Up Posts we officially have a collection of earrings that help you catfish an additional piercing – or two! – in your earscape. We’ve even created commitment levels for each of these earrings so you can find the perfect one to add to your stack.

1. Tiny Twist Earrings - High Commitment 

If you haven’t heard about the Tiny Twists by now, where have you been?! Meet the earring that has been at the top of our best-seller charts since 2016. Our Twists are a corkscrew shaped earring that thread into ONE piercing, but create the illusion of two little hoops. Some of us have literally worn our Twists for YEARS before changing our ear stack. And for good reason–they’re cute! However, the commitment level for these is higher than some people are up for because unlike the others, they require a bit more effort to put in a take out – making them perfect for the girl who wants a set-it-and-forget-it stack, the girl who wants to wake up in the morning and not even think about putting earrings in. Plus, no backs means ultimate comfort.

Tiny Twist Earrings by Hello Adorn

2. Double Up Posts - Medium Commitment

A new favorite around town–the Double Up Post is as if the Tiny Twist Earrings and the Double Up Cuff had a baby; a really beautiful and intelligent baby that has a college degree. This piece needs one piercing, but the commitment level for these is minimal compared to the threading installation the Tiny Twists require. Just pop your post into one piercing and suddenly you have two! The Double Up Post allows for an easy changing of the guards when you’re swapping your earrings for another. Medium commitment, MAXIMUM cuteness. 

Double Up Post

3. Double Up Cuff - Low Commitment

NO piercing required here. The Double Up Cuff is our best-selling ear cuff due to its mimic of our famed Tiny Twist. Just find the perfect placement on your ear, give it a gentle squeeze, and you’ve got yourself two more piercings than you had a moment ago! How did we get away with the illusion of two piercings when you didn't have any? It’s practically magic, and also very low commitment. Insider tip: Our Double Up Cuff is super cute as a nose ring, too!

Double Up Cuff

We won’t judge you if you have all three of these…we do it too. ;)

Piercings Optional by Hello Adorn

Author of Hello Adorn Blogs, Claire Parker