Jess’s Summer Picks!

Jess, founder of Hello Adorn shares her summer favorites and spots new summer trends.

Come QUICK to get a peek into Jess’s top summer picks. The accessories, jewelry, and clothes you need to spice up your wardrobe for the best summer yet. Join us at Jess’s favorite local greenhouse, Down To Earth, to go plant shopping and see favorite pieces and SNEAK PEEKS for up-and-coming HA drops!

Jess' go-to summer necklace showing trending jewelry


Necklace: Gemma Trio – Moss (tryna match the plants, Jess?) 

This is a major sneak peak for you all. Jess’s new favorite necklace, the Gemma Trio, is just one of many new gemstone necklaces that will be dropping on June 2nd. Reminiscent of our beloved Quinate Necklace, the Gemma Trio has three thoughtfully spaced stones in either moss, citrus, paloma, or mist. This sparkling number is a MUST for your summer collection (also fall? winter? spring?) This one will definitely be a staple all year.

Jess' earring stack for summer jewelry including gold ball stud earrings, solitaire annex, and skyla double annex earrings.


Earrings: Skyla Double Annex, Solitaire Annex

Celebrating our THIRD year of the Annex Studs–Jess has designed new varieties that capture her love for that signature annex style. The Skyla Double Annex earrings (made with Scout and Isla chain) have the perfect amount of movement and swing to catch the eye. If these weren't already a show stopper–Jess pulled a fast one on us and also added ANOTHER annex design to her stack (yes, you heard me… ANOTHER). The Solitaire Annex Studs are made with our beloved Solitaire Studs and are connected with one of Jess’s favorite chains, Demi! These add another layer of swing and sparkle while still keepin’ it dainty. What’s next Jess?! Triple, QUADRUPLE Annex Studs? The possibilities are seemingly endless. 

Jess' Summer Jewelry Bracelet Stack which includes high maintenance/low maintenance bracelet and gold cuff bracelet.


Bracelets: Tides Cuff, High Maintenance Low Maintenance Bracelet

The Tides Cuff takes the cake when it comes to our cuff collection. While there is a special place in Hello Adorn’s heart for all of the cuffs, this cuff definitely was by far the most popular with all of you! Jess can only agree. Who doesn’t love a “two for one” scenario? Stacked with the Tides Cuff is Jess’s favorite pick from our friendship collection, the High Maintenance Low Maintenance bracelet. Made with our Cher and Dani chain, this bracelet is so cute no matter how it lays on your wrist. The big question is: who has the matching bracelet to Jess?! (All eyes go to Adam’s wrist.)

Jess' Summer Jewelry stacking rings including gemstone ring, swell ring, confetti ring, aden band, dani chain ring, and revolve ring.


Rings: Revolve Ring, Dani Chain Ring, Aden Band, Confetti Ring, Swell Ring. + 2 SNEAK PEEKS: a gemstone ring (opal)  + a chain ring, both coming soon!

Wow… Jess must really trust you all to give you TWO sneak peeks of upcoming ring drops. This immaculate stack features the new, the classic, AND the coming soon. Our recently released Revolve Ring is already a staff favorite and an incredible statement piece for your stack. However, a stack wouldn't be the same without HA beloved staples like the Dani Chain Ring, the Aden Band, the Swell Ring (a long-time Jess pick) and of course the Confetti Ring (set of two please?!). Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming gemstone and chain ring drops!

Jess' Summer Fashion 2023 Look by Hello Adorn

In case you were wondering–we know you were wondering– here are outfit DETAILS:
Top: Sweater tank by Madewell
Bottom: The Colette Cropped Wide-Leg Linen Pants by Anthropologie
Shoes: Mi‘i Women’s Leather Mule Shoes by OluKai
Sunglasses: Camden 58MM Square Sunglasses by Tom Ford
Backpack: The Stella Pack by J Paige– soon to be featured in our Flagship store!
Hair scarf: The Panthera Bandana by cai & jo– soon to be featured in our Flagship store!

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Now that your burning questions about Jess’s summer picks have been answered– thoroughly– time to hit the beach and enjoy that SUN! Pack me a floatie and some sunblock, okay?