Shop Picks: Black Friday Weekend

Shop Picks: Black Friday Weekend

Just in time for Black Friday weekend, we have Flagship’s TOP staff picks brought to you by our merchandising queen, Marla! If you’re looking to visit the shop any time between now and Black Friday weekend, then these are the products to keep a sharp eye out for. If you can’t find them, our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you out! Our favorite smells at Hello Adorn Flagship

  • DILO: Literally ANYTHING they make is amazing. Whether it’s their room spray, candles, or perfume, they have all the best smells in EVERY form.
  • Andaluca Room Diffusers: They reflect light so beautifully, are a great decoration, and smell incredible. Andaluca also makes large candles out of wooden bowls that we love to use as a centerpiece.
  • Nomad Design’s Perfume Rollers: Great for an on-the-go moment. These perfumes are made with all-natural coconut oil, which moisturizes the skin while you wear an amazing scent!

Our favorite drinks and kits at Hello Adorn Flagship

  • Noble & Mick’s Single Serve Cocktails: Okay—we have an idea: invite your friends over. Have one (or a few) of these ready for each person. Taste test! Sounds like a great night of trying different drinks together while catching up. I spy an espresso martini ;)
  • Mixly Drink Kits: Mixly brings the fresh ingredients right to you and allows you to make some great craft cocktails/mocktails. These are great for gifting to that friend who loves to get creative with drinks! 

Our favorite apparel at Hello Adorn Flagship

  • Le Bon Socks: Another staff FAVE. These socks will rock all your other socks off. A comfortable fit that doesn’t stretch out over time. We offer the Boyfriend, Girlfriend, and Cottage socks in lots of fun colors.  
  • Free People: Literally anything from the Free People rack is amazing. Pieces cycle in and out, but you can’t be let down by a jacket or a beanie. 

Favorite Gifts at Hello Adorn Flagship

  • Geometry Towels: Made from recycled plastic water bottles, these towels are a very popular seller at the shop because they come in so many fun colors and patterns!
  • Poppy & Pout: As a major staff favorite, you’ll find at least one of these at each of our desks at Headquarters. They’re extremely smooth and made with all natural ingredients!
  • Animal Warmies: These are in our children’s section, but I DO know an adult or three that use them as well. They have an aromatherapy element to them, warm up in the microwave, and are SO so soft. What’s not to love?!

Our favorite stuffies from Hello Adorn Flagship

Whether you’re shopping for another, or yourself, ;) you’ll find a few things that are bound to be a knockout under the tree or in a stocking. 

Of course we would really love + appreciate it if you came and shopped locally. But, if you’re an “across the country” type of customer and can’t make it (this season, right?), then we will leave a few links below for you. Happy Holidays!

DILO products
Andaluca Room Diffuser
Andaluca Wood Tray Candle
Poppy & Pout Lip Balm
Noble & Mick’s Single Serve Cocktails 
Mixly Drink Kits  
Nomad Design's Perfume Rollers + Room Sprays 
Le Bon Shop Socks
Free People Beanie
Free People Denim Jacket  
Geometry Dish TowelsAuthor of Hello Adorn Blogs, Claire Parker