Stockist Feature: Betsy & Iya

Stockist Feature: Betsy & Iya

Betsy & Iya has been a stockist of Hello Adorn since July of 2022– and a fast but strong relationship has been formed. With just a year under our belt of getting to know each other, we quickly realized how special of a stockist Betsy & Iya is for so many reasons. We love what they stand for, love their store, and love to work with them. It’s all just a lot of love going from Wisconsin to Portland! Take a beat in your day to read our interview with ​​Suzy, Betsy & Iya’s director of retail and buying, that truly highlights their incredible business and how Hello Adorn fits in.

The creation of handmade jewelry at Betsy and Iya in Portland, Oregon

Tell us a little about your shop!

Betsy & Iya is the name of both a jewelry line and a jewelry/clothing/gift shop. Betsy, the founder and designer behind the company, started the business 15 years ago. Since then, she and a team of makers have been handcrafting her jewelry line in the studio that's right next door to our retail shop. In our shop, we carry our house jewelry line which includes fashion and fine jewelry, alongside the collections of lots of other makers. We focus on bringing our customers "beautiful things made by people who care". We are intentional about showcasing designers who are producing local to where they design and whose values are in line with ours. We are happy to offer a wide range of designs that make our customers feel beautiful, strong, and connected.

What makes our brand a good fit for your shop?

Our house jewelry line, Betsy & Iya, has a distinct look and is often instantly recognizable to people who are familiar with the line. For a long time, I searched for a jewelry line that we could carry alongside ours that would play nicely with our designs - simple necklaces that would layer well with our bolder pieces, rings that would stack alongside with the rings that we make, and bracelets that would pair well with the cuffs and chains we offer. Finding Hello Adorn was a dream come true. In addition to looking for pieces that wear well with the line we make, our customers regularly ask for that perfect staple necklace that they can wear with everything, that they can wear everyday and not worry about the quality of the metal, and that feels both classic and modern. Or those simple stud earrings that they can put in and forget about changing them out because they look and feel so good everyday. Hello Adorn covers all of those needs and more.

Betsy and Iya, handmade jewelry out of Portland, Oregon

Why do you love carrying our jewelry?

Hello Adorn's jewelry appeals to a wide variety of customers - people of all ages, genders, and tastes can find something they love in this line. The price points are super accessible too. On top of that, the customer service we've received from Hello Adorn is top notch. The line has always been super responsive to our needs. Doing business with friendly people is really important to us!

How do you display our products? Do you have any tips/tricks on how you merchandise to boost sales? 

We carry all of the standard jewelry categories from Hello Adorn, but the best sellers are in the category that we carry the most of: necklaces. We've found that Hello Adorn necklaces look great and sell the best when they are hung. We typically layer two Hello Adorn necklaces of different lengths together since one looks good and two look great! Since we've been selling jewelry for 15 years and learned that necklaces often present best when they're hanging, we've had custom fixtures built to accommodate this styling. In terms of other categories, we typically use tree stands for the earrings we carry, cones for the rings, and we drape unclasped chain bracelets over a chunky cube which allows customers to see the full length of the chain.

What Hello Adorn pieces do customers love the most?

The Bold and Delicate Herra Necklaces get tons of love from our customers. We have trouble keeping them in stock! The Tiny Links Necklace is a no-brainer. And the Moonstone Cushion Necklace is a new fan favorite.

Visit Betsy & Iya’s site here

Betsy and Iyla carry Hello Adorn


Claire Parker from Hello Adorn