Valentine’s Date Horoscope

Valentine’s Date Horoscope

Whether you need a date with your crush, brunch with your gals (galentines!), or something in between, what you’re wearing is what’s most important… right?! Just kidding, it’s *medium* important, and we can certainly help you with that medium important decision. Here’s how it works: pick your FAVORITE new piece from our V-Day Shop and then read the caption below to find out your most perfect plans to make for the 14th. What you’re wearing will ultimately match the occasion. That’s how it works right? Pick the outfit, and THEN the outing?!Smitten Necklace by Hello Adorn1. Smitten Necklace: What you’re really smitten for is a gooood brunch. And we mean brunch in ALL forms. Out to a fancy farm-to-table restaurant, homemade, or even Waffle House. You’re there for it all–especially the mimosas. Also the timing doesn’t matter so much as the types of foods available. It still counts as brunch if you’ve got chicken and waffles after 5pm, right?

How we style our Cupid Choker2. Cupid Choker: You and your +1 are hitting that candy store hard. Gummies, chocolate-covered everything, and cotton candy are on the list. Afterwards, you get a bonus activity by doing a blind folded taste test where you have to guess the candy/flavor.

XO Necklace by Hello Adorn

3. XO Necklace: The *ROLLER RINK* has called and you must go. Time to lace ‘em up, put your pom-poms on, and also a sparkly item of clothing. Never underestimate the power of 80s love songs blasting, a disco ball shimmering, and skating in circles. It’s the perfect recipe for a fun night you won’t want to forget. 

Be Mine Ring by Hello Adorn4. Be Mine Ring: Time for a long walk on the beach. No ocean nearby? Find a river? Creek? Pool? Whatever body of water you can find. Afterwards, hit the nearest Papa Murphy's for a heart-shaped pizza. Take that baby home and make it the fanciest in-home dinner possible. Sound track: Dean Martin. Candles: Lit. Center Piece: Flowers. Drink: Champagne. Dessert: Hit up Costco for some macaroons - you won’t regret that one. Bon appétit.    

Paper Heart Necklace by Hello Adorn5. Paper Heart Necklace: It's paint-by-numbers night! This would be so fun with your crush, a friend, or even (especially) by yourself. Get yourself some paints, a paint-by-numbers canvas, and your favorite beverage. Don’t forget to set the ambiance by turning on your favorite movie/music and lighting a candle. 

XO Bold Hoops by Hello Adorn6. XO Bold Hoops: If these bold babies are your favorite, then you already know that you are the most chaotic of the readers here. It’s time for a pajama party and to prank call your ex. It’s better if you do it from a corded phone for dramatic effect. Prank ideas? We got you: the IRS, just some heavy breathing, a random survey, impersonating a celebrity. At least you’ll look FABULOUS while you’re out there destroying the world. (;

True Love Annex by Hello Adorn7. True Love Annex: It’s a night in for you and your +1! You’re here for a bowl of popcorn littered with all your favorite candies, and loads of extra salt. Turn on your favorite rom-com (Valentine’s Day features Taylor Swift… just saying), and snuggle right in

You can thank us later. Happy Galentine’s to our ladies, and Valentine’s to all!