Valentines Brunch + Jewelry Horoscope

Gold ring stack featuring statements rings, simple stacking rings, and a chain ring by Hello Adorn.

Pancakes, waffles, crepes, various toppings, eggs benedict, quiché, croissants, cinnamon rolls, mimosas. Need I say more? Pick your absolute favorite of those brunch options and this horoscope will show you what piece is meant for YOU from our beloved Valentine's Day collection! Bonus: you'll find a yummy recipe to try within each category. 


Valentines jewelry by Hello Adorn featuring a valentines day ring, a chain ring, and a wrap ring.
Pancakes: We see you, you stacking QUEEN. If piling high, fluffy goodness is your favorite thing in the world, then we can’t recommend anything other than the Tiny Heart Signet Ring. Stackable and adorable–the Tiny Heart Signet Ring says it all! If you're a fan of any or all pancakes, then check out this recipe for Pumpkin Cinnamon Protein Pancakes created by one of our very own–Juliann


A stamped initial necklace created by Hello Adorn shown as a layered necklace in gold.

Waffles: Like the pancake peeps, you love a fluffy way to start your day. However, you prefer your morning breakie to be a little more crisp. Drop the Blake Initial Necklace into your jewelry collection; it will be an essential statement piece going forward. While you wait for that to ship, check out these incredibly fluffy and crispy vegan waffles that have our mouths watering.

Threader earrings in a heart shape, perfect for valentine's day jewelry.

Crepes: You heard it first from the French! Who isn’t craving a good crepe? I’m RIGHT there with you. If crepes are what you wish for every morning, then we couldn’t recommend anything other than the Sweetheart Slides. Dainty and simple, they’re a great piece to pair with studs and your favorite necklace. We urge you to try this recipe for Lemon Sugar Crepes with Whipped Cream Cheese– they will change your life just like the Sweetheart Slides will change your HA jewelry collection.

A heart bracelet for a bracelet valentines gift shown in 14k Gold Fill by Hello Adorn.
Toppings: You love pancakes, waffles, and even a good crepe, but what’s the REAL reason you love those all so much? It's the toppings, obviously. Maple syrup, berries, whipped cream, chocolate– they’re all IT for you. If that’s your MO, then you absolutely need the Endless Love Bracelet. Overflowing with tiny hearts– just as you’d like your plate overflowing with toppings. We do recommend that if you’re going to have syrup then to try the REAL stuff. The homies in Wisconsin know how to make it, so if you haven’t had a chance to try, place an order for B&E’s Trees Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup.

Threader earrings in a heart shape, a perfect gift of valentines day gifts or for valentines day jewelry.
Eggs Benny: Because you love your eggs smothered in creamy hollandaise sauce, we know you’d like to be covered in any and EVERY Valentine’s Day vibe. The Open Heart Slides are perfect for you because everyone will see your festive and cute Valentine's Day spirit. These large hearts are a bold statement–-just like your beloved hollandaise. Here’s one of our favorite recipes for hollandaise sauce that will knock your socks off. 
Valentines gift idea by Hello Adorn, a pair of backdrop dangly earrings.
Quiche: For some reason, I often forget how amazing a quiche can be until it’s on the plate in front of me. Crusty, eggy, cheesy goodness is unforgettable once you smell and see its beauty. Like the quiche, the Sweetest Backdrop is a piece that you won’t realize you need until it’s on. Don’t overlook the Sweetest Backdrop as it’s the best piece to add dimension to your stud collection. It dangles from our beloved Quinn Chain and catches the eye so easily. The perfect and unforgettable quiche is a trip to the grocery store away, just follow these directions
Personalized necklace hand stamped by Hello Adorn to create an initial necklace on a heart pendant necklace.
Croissants: These are the best to add on your plate at brunch, we all know it. Our maker, Cat, is a woman of the renaissance and also happens to be a trained pastry chef. When she says you need to try this croissant recipe, you listen. Handmade and beautiful, the Sweetheart Initial Necklace is your gal if you love croissants. We will stamp the initial of your choosing on the heart pendant and then suspend it from our Scout Chain. Great for layering with other chains and pairing with soft, pink sweaters.
A pearl necklace layered with a heart pendant necklace that is hand stamped to create an initial necklace by Hello Adorn.
Scones: Flaky, soft, yummy goodness. That’s all there is to say. If you’d like to try these, a classic recipe that always hits are these Blueberry Lemon Scones. Just like the classic blueberry scone, our new Pearl Drop Necklace seems like it’ll be sticking around. Classy, simple, and timeless, we believe everyone should have one pearl necklace in their collection. 
Lenny Chain by Hello Adorn, a perfect layering necklace to add to your everyday jewelry collection.
Cinnamon Rolls: If your first thought in the morning is an ooey, gooey cinnamon roll, then none other than our Lenny Chain should be on your V-day list. We offer the sparkling Lenny Chain in many forms such as a 16” chain, 18” chain, choker, and bracelet. We love this chain so much, we needed it ALL to be available to you. Just like the Lenny Chain, cinnamon rolls are offered in many forms. A classic (and Cat ordained recipe) overnight cinnamon rolls, cinnamon roll monkey bread, or caramel rolls can definitely start your day with a bang just like the Lenny Chain. 
A bracelet stack featuring a chain friendship bracelet, a ring stack featuring statement rings and stacking rings, and a chain bracelet.

Mimosas: You go to the bottomless brunch with your friends for the main course–the mimosas. If this is you then you need to take a close look at our Friendship Bracelet collection (which is also a part of our Valentine's Day collection). Sip away in style with your gals as you all sport matching wrist adornments thanks to this collection. As our assistant manager Kayla P. likes to say, her favorite mimosa recipe is 3/4ths glass of Brut Champagne...hold the orange juice. 

Chain bracelets by Hello Adorn featuring friendship bracelets and mixed chain bracelets, a perfect way to start a bracelet stack or a great valentines day gift idea.

The Brunch Horoscope has spoken. Now you know what food you're bringing to Galentine's Day brunch as well as what new Hello Adorn piece you’ll be wearing there. You, dear friends, are SO welcome.