Stockist Feature: Out of Town

Stockist Feature: Out of Town

The stockists who get it, get it! And, let me tell you, Out of Town DEFINITELY gets it! They’re a clothing boutique founded in Dickinson, North Dakota, by Brooke, the brains (and heart!) of the operation. She thoughtfully curates the best clothes, shoes, and accessories (if we do say so ourselves) around town. Read along to gain inspiration from Brooke and her heart behind Out of Town!

Tell us a little about your shop!

    I started Out of Town back in 2011 straight out of college with a dream to bring fashion and brands that you could only find "out of town" to my hometown. Since then we've added another location (Bismarck, ND) and an online store that’s shipping nationwide. What sets us apart is our mix of name brands + well-priced pieces that you can mix into your wardrobe, and our friendly customer service that feels like you are shopping with friends. I am passionate about well-made products that will last, are comfortable, and effortless to wear. It's been really fun being a part of our community and building relationships with our customers for the last 12 years! Hello Adorn jewelry is available at Out of Town

    What makes us and our jewelry a good fit for your shop?

    Like I said, I love products that are easy to wear and good quality…bonus points for brands that are also small businesses! We love Hello Adorn at Out of Town for those exact reasons. It's some of my most worn jewelry, as most of it is simple enough for everyday wear. It holds up and doesn't tarnish on me. I love that the company is based out of WI and has a story that started with a family, just like mine! Our missions and visions for life align perfectly, so it's a great partnership. How Out of Town displays Hello Adorn's jewelry in their shop.

    How is our jewelry displayed in your store? Any tips and tricks for other Stockists?

    We try to keep them right by the counter. I find that they are a great last minute purchase and our customers can't help themselves! We use trays or hooks mostly, because the cards they come on merchandise beautifully. Also, we recently ordered some of the jewelry holders, which are fun for merchandising, too. 

    Which pieces are your favorites?

    The Tiny Horseshoe Earrings are always a hit for us, along with the Tiny Twists! They are really fun to layer together. Any of the simple studs or simple necklaces do really well for us. Tiny Twist Earrings and Tiny Horseshoes are Out of Town's favorite pieces in their shop.

    Anything else you'd want to share with us or other retailers?

    Hello Adorn is our top selling jewelry brand and it's a great company to partner with. We always look for partners that want us to succeed too, and they always go the extra mile to show us that!