Mother’s Day: The PERFECT Plan

Mother’s Day: The PERFECT Plan

Hey moms! You might think this blog is for you, but it’s not. So you can leave now, BYE! 

Alright kids, now that mom is gone we can get into the good stuff. Mother’s Day is COMING. I REPEAT: Mother’s Day will be here before you know it — Sunday, May 12 to be exact. It’s time to buck up and do something for your mom to make her feel extra special. Use our guide below to pick the activity your mom would like to do to celebrate Mother’s Day, and we will reveal the PERFECT gift for her! Not sure how your mom wants to spend Mother’s Day? Just sneak it into conversation like so: “Hey mom! I’ve been thinking about Mother’s Day and I was wondering if you had to pick between the two, would you rather go to a greenhouse or go out to brunch on Mother’s Day?” Badda bing, badda boom—you’ve got yourself a plan and a present all in one. 

Greenhouse: Raising Wildflower NecklaceRaising Wildflowers by Hello Adorn

If your mom wants to spend her day perusing rows of flowers, leafy greens, an sprouting veggies, then the Raising Wildflower Necklace is the perfect answer. Customize this necklace by choosing up to 6 stems, creating a beautiful hand-drawn bouquet, which can represent the number of people in your family, or the number of children your mom has. It’s perfect for the mama who loves plants! Some great greenhouses that are local to Eau Claire area are Down To Earth Garden Center, or Klinger Farm Market

Brunch: Puff Heart Necklace

Puff Heart Necklace by Hello Adorn
This is for the mama who just wants to sleep in and have someone else cook for her. Take her out for brunch so she can get whatever her heart desires from the menu. While you’re out, gift her the Puff Heart Necklace! It’s a sweet little puffy heart pendant attached to our Scout Chain, and is perfect for the mom who loves others like it’s her job. If you’re looking for some good brunch places, we’ve got you: The Nucleus, The Good Wives, or The Informalist.

    Camping: Tiny Dome NecklaceTiny Dome Necklace by Hello Adorn

    POV: Your mom is the adventure type and is looking for a weekend AWAY. Book a campsite at Interstate State Park or Devil’s Lake State Park for a magical and adventurous weekend away and make a packing list for everything you need. Before heading out on a hike, give her the Tiny Dome Necklace, which can be stamped with a number or letter, and up to 5 discs can be added; you can create a mix and match letters and numbers as well! The way this domed disc catches the light is SO cute and perfect for the adventurous mama.

      Winery: Emily LariatEmily Lariat by Hello Adorn

      If your mom likes to have a glass of wine, then take her out to a winery for the afternoon on Mother’s Day. Some local wineries we love are River Bend Winery and Two Roots Wine and Art Gallery – both great places for a charcuterie board too! We highly recommend giving her the Emily Lariat. Made with freshwater pearls, this necklace is the statement piece our classy girls have been WAITING for. Named after the iconic character, Emily Gilmore from Gilmore Girls, this necklace will stand the test of time just like Emily’s style did. 

        Take a class together: Brae Initial NecklaceBrae Initial Necklace by Hello Adorn

        If your mom is one who likes to craft, then she might like to do something creative together! Sign up for a class at Board & Brush and she’ll feel so loved by you! Bonus points goes to the kid that gets her the Brae Initial Necklace: it’s the perfect piece for her as it adds a personal touch she’ll love.

        Board Games + Coffee: Tiny Digits Necklace Tiny Digits Necklace by Hello Adorn

        Grab her favorite board game, her go-to drink from a coffee shop, and the Tiny Digits Necklace. She won’t say no, we can promise you that. If she’s a competitive spirit, then she’ll definitely appreciate a number on her necklace that holds significant value. Whether it’s her lucky number, or the number of people in your family, she’s going to love it.

          Go to a movie (of her choice): First Love BraceletFirst Love Bracelet by Hello Adorn

          Buttery popcorn and the big screen?! What could be better. If your mom is a film connoisseur, then there’s truly no better way to spend Mother’s Day. Let her pick the flick, and you pick the jewelry. The First Love Bracelet is the perfect delicate piece of jewelry to remind her of how much you love her! 

          You’re welcome kids. Maybe clue your dad in on this? You don’t want him to feel up-staged by the amazing Mother’s Day you have planned. Plus, I’m sure he’ll help you out. (;

          Hello Adorn's blog and copy writer, Claire