Jess's Picks: Sets

Jess's Picks: Sets

Jess, Hello Adorn’s founder, owner, fearless leader, and style ICON is back with more picks that you don’t wanna miss. And another thing? She’s finally out and about with her own Instagram! @hellojess__ has officially made her debut, so if you love seeing what she’s got going on – from design and travel to styling her spaces and wellness – you can see the MOST there!Jess from Hello Adorn featuring an Olive Green Set

Look One

Olive green all around! Comfortable and breezy, this is what other sets dream to be. Jess gives the long sleeve a little up-tuck, and rolls the sleeves. She also loves this look with her white and tan Air Jordan kicks. This set is available for purchase at Hello Adorn’s Flagship store: lookin at you, locals. However, links are available below for those out-of-towners reading (you’re so welcome). 

Jess' current ring stack

Let's talk about JEWELS. The ring game here is immaculate. Her right hand stack is a Confetti Ring, Swell Ring, Celine Ring, Dori Ring, and what's this?! A SNEAK PEEK?! This twisted arch ring is currently in the testing process–we might see it on the website, we might not–but if Jess is wearing it that might just clue you in. ;) Her left hand is no less perfectly curated. A snake skin patterned band that’s also in the testing phase, the Revolve Ring, the Aden Band, Celine Ring, and Faye Ring (our up + coming new turquoise gemstone ring–dropping March 12)! These simple gold bands stack together to create an effortless and unique look. 

Jess in her white era wearing Len Bon Shoppe's matching set

Look Two

Jess has been in her white era since last summer and it just hasn’t stopped–nor should it. Le Bon Shoppe’s French Terry Balloon Pants and French Terry Sophie Top create the perfect neutral set for comfortability. LBS has done it again, and they know how to tailor their pieces just right so they hug all the right spots. Paired with Vans Old Skool Stackform’s in Burro, it’s the ultimate fit for chillin’. Jess also found this set at HA’s Flagship, so you lucky locals only have a short drive to try these beauties on. How Jess from Hello Adorn is styling her earring stack

Jess’s ear party is one to envy right here. Why?! Because most of it we don’t have available (YET). A twisted hoop, another textured hoop, and lots of little teeny tiny dot studs sprinkled about. What we DO have available for you are the Triple Dot Studs, also available in a Double Dot. She also paired this set with a long-time HA fave, the Nash Lariat. As coined around the office, “the Nash,” this piece is making its way back around the necks of staff members as well. Jess layers neutral whites and tans for the perfect comfy, cozy and effortless look.

Look Three

If you haven’t noticed a theme yet, it’s COMFY & COZY and nothing else. Whites + tans make their appearances again with this set: Remi Trousers from Free People along with a Layering Cardigan, and Madewell top. The top Jess is wearing is a long-time staple of her closet and isn’t made anymore, however she did find some similar tops she loves to complete your look.

Pieces Jess is currently loving incudes Double Up Swing Studs, Izzy Ring, Ivy Hoop Charm, ad Enchanted Charms.A few more goodies to note: Jess is rocking the newly launched Izzy Ring, along with the Ivy Hoop Charm, and some Double Up Swing Studs. Ivy will be available in our limited collection of Enchanted Charms, and those fancy Swing Studs will have an official launch date soon! Hold on to your hats people because Jess is ALWAYS coming up with something new and these pieces seem to only get better and better. If you look closely, you might notice she’s sporting a chain that is half Sonny Chain and the other half Dani Chain, creating a deliciously bold look. Jess has been playing with these designs for a few months now, and we’re getting close to landing on some just in time for summer. (; With the random warm weather Wisconsin has been getting, the beach is calling just THAT much more.

If you’re curious about Jess's past picks, you can find them here and here! These picks are still relevant and have some real hidden gems within. Worth a peek? Blogger Claire Parker from Hello Adorn