Hello Adorn Glossary

Hello Adorn Glossary

Take a deep dive into our glossary of terms exclusively used around Hello Adorn staff and family. This list not only gives you a snapshot of the jargon used around the office, but also the silliness that seems to seep into everyday life here. If we can alliterate, make a nickname, or create a pun at Hello Adorn—you BET we will. Read the alphabetized list of terms below along with explanations as to how (and why!) all of these terms are used. 

  • 1.0 (one-point-oh): Jess and Adam’s very first maker studio and retail shop (yes, it was both at one point!) located in downtown Eau Claire on Gibson Street. When Hello Adorn acquired 2.0 (our next studio space), 1.0 became a retail space exclusively. After we left, our friend Kersten at Lot 3 Mercantile moved into the space–go shop her carefully curated coastal-vintage flair collection!2.0 Hello Adorn in Eau Claire, WI
  • 2.0 (two-point-oh): After Hello Adorn Makers and Fulfillment outgrew 1.0, they moved to 2.0 to keep making jewelry. 1.0 still remained as a retail space during that time. It is now occupied by our buddies at Steve's Hemp!The first Hello Adorn location in Eau Claire, WI
  • 2 o’clock stretch: Makers on the Mez all stand up and encourage a little stretch to brush the dust off and MAYBE bust a move. Rules are: if you are on the Mez at 2pm then you must participate in some capacity.

  • 3F: Stands for Third Floor–referring to either the place or the people who work on that floor.

  • The backstock backstock: The room where the inventory team (Jess B + Stacy) stores extra inventory components. You may not enter unless you answer a string of riddles.
  • Ballpeen: The hammer that Makers use for stamping. Cait thinks the name is funny. 
  • Birthday Buddy: The person assigned to another’s birthday to ensure that all birthday activities go accordingly. Birthday activities can include (but are not limited to) desk decorations, mimosas, ice cream, surprise parties, and Starbucks.

  • Book Club: An EXCLUSIVE group of bookies that created the club from their love of Sarah J. Mass books. They’ve read all SJM books and are now reading the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson. 

  • Brother: The name of the printer that is the bane of everyone’s existence who has to use it.

  • Campfire: The name of a weekly meeting with HA department leads, managers, and Jess and Adam. Not sure what goes on in this meeting but pretty sure there’s a blood pact involved.

  • Carbz: Our weekly staff meeting that can also be referred to as “Lau’s Carbs.” Our general manager, Lau, runs these meetings and often brings a carb to share with everyone. Favorite carbs are Panera bagels (pre-cut to avoid injury), cereal and milk, donuts, and Great Harvest Bread (apple crunch pleaseeeee). 

  • CHOPT (Chopped): When a piece is no longer going to be made by our Makers and will be making its way off our website, it goes on our Chopt list.

  • Content Queens: The girly pop group consisting of social media and marketing geniuses who cover Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, email marketing, Pinterest, marketing data + analytics, and graphic design.

  • Endless: Our permanent jewelry! We offer Endless in our Flagship store every day we're open! We offer 16 different chain options in Sterling Silver or 14kt Gold Fill.

  • Flagship: Our retail location in Eau Claire, WI! We not only sell our handmade jewelry there, but also Jess’s favorite brands like Gigi Pip (hats), Everlasting Candle Co, Free People (clothing), and Nat + Noor (hair clips)! 
Hello Adorn Flagship, our newest retail location in Eau Claire

  • Garden of Femininity: A mural fully funded by our Entwined Necklace called Garden of Femininity in the heart of downtown Eau Claire designed by Leeya Jackson (@leeyamakesnoise). The mural pulls some of our favorite colors, and highlights female empowerment and diversity.
  • Gingernut: The muted “peach” color that is on all things Hello Adorn. From our website, to your packaging! We also have 50% of HQ and 100% of Flagship painted gingernut. 

  • Goldie: A 1970s Volkswagen bus painted the color Sierra Gold. Converted into Hello Adorn’s personal Endless Bracelet pop-up! Read Goldie’s story here!
  • The Grease Fry: Our General Manager, Lau, and her family are gracious enough to share their sweet skills of deep frying EVERYTHING for the staff. Corn dogs, Oreos, cheese curds, onion rings, chicken, french fries– the full sha-bang. In 2022 the grease fry landed on Willie Nelson’s birthday–so we had a Willie Nelson-themed gathering! We made t-shirts and everything. Catch Lau with a megaphone announcing the next course of your favorite deep fried item.
  • HQ (Headquarters): Hello Adorn’s current place of operation. HQ consists of Fulfillment on the first floor, a Makers’ Mezzanine, and a third floor of offices. HQ is connected to the building that Flagship is in.
  • The Lower Level: Instead of using the word “basement”, which has some negative connotations (mostly because of its dingy nature), we use a euphemism to inspire positive attitudes. This is where we do most of receiving for our Flagship store as well as extra storage for our shipping boxes.
  • The Library: The rows of bookcases where Trey and Maggie (our fulfillment team) store finished pieces near their fulfillment stations. It's truly the only library where it's acceptable – and encouraged – to scream in excitement when you're there! 
  • Lunch Bunch: Some people on staff do a lunch swap! Instead of bringing five lunches for yourself each day of the week, just bring all five on one day and others will bring lunch for you the other four days of the work week. A great way to swap recipes and only have to prepare lunch one day a week. 
  • Makesgiving: A tradition that started when there were less than 10 employees and everyone could fit around one table has turned into a larger event due to our expanding staff. We celebrate Thanksgiving in our headquarters or Jess and Adam’s home and enjoy a meal together…just a couple more tables are added these days.

  • The Museum: On the third floor we have a display available showcasing all of our up-and-coming products that will be launching. This keeps us all “in the loop” on these pieces and gives us a designated spot to go to check out the new bling. 
  • Oh No Lau!: A picture of our General Manager, Lau, that has become its own emoji and puzzle. Often used to react to something surprising, but also to react to anything at all. 
  • Summit: Once a summer, Jess + Adam throw “Summit”—the best bash of the year for us all. Friday + Saturday is full of fun activities for everyone and a plus one. Previous Summits had us on party buses to a pizza farm, high ropes course, pedal pubs, river floats, and lake days at J + A’s cabin. 2024’s Summit is going to be amazing–will report back on that one.  

  • Tail Waggin’ Tuesday: Arguably the best day of the week. Our favorite four-legged buddies get to come in and have a playdate at work! Regulars include Jax, Kevin, and Pippi.

Challenge: Use 10 of these glossary terms in a complete sentence. Will offer enthusiastic thumbs-up to anyone who completes challenge. 

Other Info to Know: 

  • Don’t clap when Jax (the dog) is around. Snaps are acceptable for him. 
  • Lizzie doesn’t like spines (cracking them gives her major ick).
  • Maggie J. doesn’t like finger blood (another story for another day).
  • Don’t ask Trey to get lunch on Tuesday…he will be eating tacos at an undisclosed location.
  • Lau’s office light will always be on. Kayla P.’s office light will always be off, accompanied by some soft lamp lighting. 
  • Some people are related around here but we won’t be drawing a family tree for you. It’s up to you to find out over time. Luck to you. 
  • Need baking advice? Ask Cat! She’s a trained pastry chef. 
  • Don’t leave your dishes out in the kitchen, or your food in the fridge for too long. Otherwise it’s gon’ get thrown. 
  • Come to the third floor if you need any extra personal hygiene things– we have communal deodorant (don’t care what you think about this…sometimes you NEED it), communal perfume, communal lotion, and a communal candy jar (thanks to Juliann!). 
  • Side Hustles around HQ: Brit Makes, Ski Like A Girl, Sticky Biz, CaitKPhoto and Deep Cut Co.  
  • Most of us are tatted up. From full sleeves to itty bitty ink– we got it. Wanna see these tats? We have a TikTok featuring these, and a blog specifically for Cat’s Tats
  • Our jewelry isn’t made with just love, but also made with vulgar language.