A Word From Cat's Tats

A Word From Cat's Tats

For you Jewelry + Stuff podcast listeners, here's a breakdown of Cat's tats--as PROMISED in our most recent episode. 

Peony and Bee Tattoo
Peonies + Bee
Tattoo Artist: @staghorntattoo
Story: A tattoo symbolizing the return from a summer spent in Martha’s Vineyard.
Time in Chair: 5 hours (25% of this was chatting with Jess (of Staghorn Tat) because she’s COOL).
Pain Level: Not painful.
Wormwood Tattoo

Juniper Berries and Wormwood (aka how you make absinthe and gin)
Tattoo Artist: @wintership.tattoo (Jonah)
Story: Based on a favorite drink, The Corpse Reviver #2, from the Lakely. Shares the love with for this drink with her BFF Rachel--who also got the tat!
The Corpse Reviver #2 recipe: Gin, absinthe rinse, lemon, Lillet blanc, and orange liquer
Time in Chair: 20-30 minutes.
Pain Level: Didn’t hurt. Cat is VERY strong. 

Lemon Tattoo

Tattoo Artist: @wintership.tattoo (Clover)
Story: An impromptu decision. Always liked lemons. Got with friend (Rachel)...who got a garlic bulb the same day. No regrets!
Time in Chair: 25 minutes
Pain Level: "Truly a breeze." Wow, she really is tough, folks! 

Smaug Tattoo

Smaug the Dragon
Tattoo Artist: @staghorntattoo
Story: Very first tattoo that Cat’s friend (Jess) got to do as an apprentice. Also, Cat’s a nerd (in an adorable way) and loves The Hobbit. 
Time in Chair: 2 hours–Jess was new to the craft!
Pain Level: None. Nada. Zilch.

Love Tattoo

Tattoo Artist: Unknown…Cat was 18.
Story: Cat’s first tattoo–received as a birthday gift. Same tattoo that Rihanna has.
Time in Chair: 5 minutes.
Pain Level: Could feel it in her bones–slightly higher pain than the others.

Palm Leaf Tattoo

Palm Leaf
Tattoo Artist: @staghorntattoo
Story: Jess had a random opening, and Cat saw it as a perfect opportunity to get an impromptu tat. BIG foliage fan. 
Time in Chair: 1.75 hours.
Pain Level: Some wincing during the “back of arm” installation. 

Lennon Tattoo

John Lennon’s Self Portrait
Tattoo Artist: Unknown–some shop in Edina, MN. 
Story: Second tattoo Cat ever got. A subtle nod to her favorite band and it just looks COOL.
Time in Chair: 1 hour.
Pain Level: Was very much ready to get out of the chair by the end, but she persevered because, again, she is VERY tough.

Anchor Tattoo

Tattoo Artist: @arranv.tattoos
Story: An ode to Cat’s summer in Martha’s Vineyard. Found the Pakistani-owned tattoo shop on TikTok.
Time in Chair: 1 hour.
Pain Level: A LITTLE painful because it was such a fine line tattoo.