Stockist Feature: Narrative + Co.

Stockist Feature: Narrative + Co.

Narrative and Co., the sweetest boutique in Carrboro, North Carolina, has been a stockist with us for the last two years. Not only are they incredible to work with, but they also prioritize sustainable goods and practices. We interviewed Narrative and Co. to learn more about their brand, what Hello Adorn goodies they love, and how they merchandise! 

Tell us a little about your shop!

Narrative and Co was established in 2017 inside of an old trolley car. For the first two full years of business we visited street festivals and events having the freedom to start the business slowly. In 2019, we decided to open a small shop in the quaint town, Carrboro, North Carolina. This is where Narrative became what it is today, an intentionally curated shop of everyday apparel, accessories and goods to elevate your lifestyle. We focus on quality fabrics and products sourced from brands who hold high standards in the way we do.

Narrative and Co is an intentionally curated shop of everyday apparel, accessories and goods to elevate your lifestyle.

What makes our brand a good fit for your shop?

Hello Adorn’s dainty pieces enhance our minimalistic style. From pieces that are clean and simple, to some that are unique in their design we find that the pieces pair well with just about anything our customers can find in our shop. Not to mention the clientele that returns just to add to their collection of Hello Adorn jewelry. Some other things we love about HA is their quality, attention to detail, and customer service.

Why do you love carrying our jewelry?

The Hello Adorn team is so kind and always so quick to help. We have had a few weird requests over the past two years and never once have they made us feel like something was unachievable. It’s almost like they have known us forever and treat us as friends in the business. It encourages us to find other brands with similar business strategies as it makes it more fun to support the brand when we know it is a simple task. It's a buyer's dream relationship of quality product that flies off our shelves, production consistency, great communication and true customer service.

Narrative + Co stocks Hello Adorn minimalist jewery

How do you display our products? Do you have any tips/tricks on how you merchandise to boost sales? 

This was a challenging issue for us, which is solely on us and our owners niche/non commercial merchandising. It may have been slightly more difficult in the beginning because of the amount we order…we just LOVED everything and can never choose! We found that if we keep the rings sized using bowls and ring cones, they sell better. We also have stands for the necklaces only keeping singles out to not clutter the display. Earrings and bracelets are left on the cards and we find that this works best! We feature the entire collection on sandstone slabs and this elevates the collection using a natural element against something so polished and beautiful.

What Hello Adorn pieces do customers love the most?

Our best sellers are without a doubt the Tiny Horseshoe Earrings, the Confetti Rings, and the Tiny Twists. We cannot keep them in stock! We think above all, our customers appreciate the quality of product and want to continue to add to their collection so the idea of HA consistently adding “new” to the mix is amazing.

Hello Adorn's Tiny Horseshoe Earrings and Tiny Twists are best-sellers at Narrative + Co

Anything else you’d want to share with us or other retailers?

Friends of the trade, fair warning, you might not be able to stop once you start…this product is unmatched for us. Nothing moves more quickly than HA's minimalistic pieces. A perfect price point for a simple self purchase or for light gifting. We just LOVE these guys!

Hello Adorn's blog and copy writer, Claire