2022 - A Year Worth Looking Back On

2022 - A Year Worth Looking Back On
2022. Definitely a year for the books; a year worth remembering. We created new spaces, new team members, and new dreams. Let’s reminisce together over our favorite memories and ways that Hello Adorn expanded in 2022!
Hello Adorn welcomes 18 new team members

First Expansion: People!!
Jess and Adam were stoked to invite a whopping 18 new hires to come work with us this year. So much spunk, kindness, and generosity was added to our space by hiring these wonderful people. Production Assistants were obviously hired because our incredible customers ordered more and more jewelry by the month;  but we also added a new person to each department. That is a major celebration for us and our department leads. You can get to know our new team here!

Second Expansion: Jewelry, jewelry, oh–and more jewelry!
2022 was a big year for new products at Hello Adorn. Jess couldn’t stop designing new amazing products, and we couldn’t stop ourselves from falling in love with every. single. design. Hello Adorn released 53 sparkling masterpieces to the world in 2022– but some of our favorites include the Tiny Hoops, Swell Ring, Swing Studs, and a refresh of our Schitts Creek-themed endless bracelets! But where do we put all of this glorious new jewelry? Well, in a jewelry storage case of course! In December, we launched jewelry storage and travel cases and our customers, employees, and jewelry pieces have been loving them.

In other making news, the Hello Adorn production team had an amazing week of workshopping this summer with jewelry designer and soldering extraordinaire Sam Slater where they learned how to set gemstones and solder gold-filled and sterling silver metal. We’re pumped to bring our soldering pieces to the website. Shop our Beaded Huggie Hoops (our first soldered design) to see what the hype is all about. (It’s real!)

Third Expansion: Spaces
It’s no secret that we LOVED our move into HQ in 2021– but 2022 only brought more growth! Our offices (internally coined, HQ) grew into another floor that now houses Customer Care, Inventory Specialists, Marketing, and more! The Makers' Mezzanine got a little more cozy when we made a few fabulous additions, namely Cat, Lizzie, Kayla F, KJ, and Posch. Jess made sure we all felt cozy and cute in our new spaces which now include leafy plants aplenty (shocker, am I right?), velvety couches, and wicker baskets!

We did something else big– huge to be honest. A dream come TRUE, to be frank. We moved out of our beloved 1.0 retail location (internally coined 1.0 because it was the first space HA ever rented and was the original making studio) and opened our beautiful, new flagship store on Eau Claire’s main drag. It was nostalgic to let go of 1.0, but moving into our new space allowed us to carry even more brands that we love like Gigi Pip hats, Dilo Candles, Amsha baskets, and Everlasting Candles. It was a large undertaking– and so much effort went into its culmination. Jess’ dreams came to fruition when she decided to include a mini greenhouse, for all your plant needs, paint the whole shop Gingernut (a dreamy peach color), and incorporate a special nook where we can host Endless Bracelets (Saturdays AND Sundays now!) that are now welded shut for a bit of extra security.

The expansion doesn’t end at HQ and the retail shop. Jess and Adam made a special trip to California to pick up our new golden beauty– a 1970s Volkswagen bus. A wonderful fella in San Diego restored this VW bus back to its original glory - including the original paint color - Sierra Gold. When Jess and Adam learned that, they knew they had to name her Goldie! Hello Adorn is now ridin’ in style with this endless pop-up on wheels. Watch out 2023– there are big plans for Goldie and all that her vintage self can accomplish on the road. 

Fourth Expansion: Social Goods 
Here at Hello Adorn, we’re proud to give back to our local community. We were so happy to finally be able to give back IN PERSON this year! Right away in January of 2022 we visited the St. Francis Food Pantry. It was a strong start to 2022–hands down one of our favorite places to give our time. We also volunteered at the Community Table, did some good ol’ highway clean up, and attended Bowl for Kids Sake (a bowling event that supports Big Brothers Big Sisters). We cleaned, walked, groomed, and played with a variety of sweet animals at the Eau Claire Humane Association (also highly ranked among staff members), and donated to the King’s Closet and Giving Tree foundation. Each month brought something new to the table– and we’re looking forward to giving back in bigger ways in 2023. We’ve already made a stop at The Hub in January, a place where individuals experiencing homelessness can seek temporary transitional shelter. 

Fifth Expansion: The POD
Like two peas in a pod– two of our faves, Rich and Lau, have taken the podcast scene by storm in our HA Podcast Jewelry & Stuff where (you guessed it!) they talk about jewelry and lots and lots of other tangents. Kicking off in March 2022 and rocketing into the rest of the year, Jewelry & Stuff covered our favorite brands, HA employees, stories, locals, and other podcasters. We encourage you to listen back during your morning routine or commute to get a peek into the Hello Adorn life, all while hearing Rich and Lau’s contagious banter. 2023 goals for the pod are to invite 8 new guests to join in on the fun, publish monthly reels relating to the pod, and maintain a bimonthly cadence so you can always know what's going on at Hello Adorn.

Sixth Expansion: New Heights!
Just like the high ropes course our team dominated in July, Hello Adorn seemed to reach new heights in 2022 with record amounts of new pieces, ideas, and fun! We are confident that all of this incredible momentum we’ve gained in 2022 will spill into 2023. Jess and Adam’s hope and dream for 2023 is to grow with intention and gratitude into the spaces in which Hello Adorn has already expanded.

Thanks for being amazing 2022, but 2023? We’re SO ready for you.