Highway Clean Up 2023

Highway Clean Up 2023

In late May, a few members of our team took to County Road II (double “i” for the locals) to clean a three mile stretch of road that DESPERATELY needed some attention after a long winter. Two years ago we adopted this stretch of highway through the Adopt-A-Highway program as we were growing and seeking more ways to give back to the community. When we’re not getting paid to make jewelry– we get paid to take care of our community (while having some fun)!

Many exhilarating activities took place as we cleaned County Road II. One highlight was Lizzie, resident maker, trying to get every truck that went by to honk–how she did it? We will never tell. Highway Cleanup at Hello Adorn

Other activities included saying hello to garbage workers and neighbors who stopped to ask what we were doing, playing guessing games about what items would be found on the road side, and theoretically assigning the most likely crime each team member would commit. LOTTAAA hypothetical thieves around these parts (*ahem* Kayla F.). Highway Cleanup at Hello Adorn

Top items found along the roadside were:

  1. Cigarette butts (queue your SHOCK)
  2. Newspapers/cardboard
  3. Alcohol cans/bottles (a couple of Fleischmann's bottles and Busch Light cans)
  4. Vapes
Highway Cleanup at Hello Adorn

    Most interesting items were:

    1. An old chair
    2. A 50 dollar bill, that Jess B. found and has yet to spend ;)
    3. The ticks that crawled on all the people who ventured into the woods (sorry Juliann)

    Jess B., our Inventory Specialist, “won” highway clean up when she found a 50 dollar bill! Didn’t think you could win at cleaning up a road? Well… clearly you can. And Jess B. DID. Highway Cleanup at Hello Adorn

    *shop the look 

    We gathered SEVEN trash bags throughout the three miles, and left County Highway II looking spick & span. It was a great opportunity to get outside and take care of a small part of the Eau Claire area that all of us at HA love so much. 

    Highway Cleanup at Hello Adorn