Lovely + Local: Linyage Lindsay

Lovely + Local: Linyage Lindsay

Please give the WARMEST welcome as we bring one of the lovely ladies of Linyage and Velvet Raptor to center stage. This week, we had Lindsay (designer/owner of Linyage AND Velvet Raptor) chat with us on the podcast about small business, sewing machine collections, the future of her ventures, and her cartoon character’s everyday uniform. Do yourself a solid and listen to her whole ep on Apple or Spotify. There’s so much more to Lindsay than we could squeeze into 60 minutes, but for now…here are some of our highlights. 

Linyage creates one-of-a-kind bridal separates.

Made Separate, Worn Together

Linyage is nixing the concept of “one-time wear”. With the intention of usability even after the wedding date, Lindsay creates one-of-a-kind bridal separates. These bridal bodysuits can be absorbed into the closet and worn doing literally anything (cycling, skiing, dancing, etc).  

But Wait, There’s More (And It’s Velvety)

Lindsay and Sarah don’t stop at bridal separates. They push the envelope (quite literally) EVEN farther. Explore their delicious line of handmade luxury weddings stationery–Velvet RaptorAn Elna sewing machine from the 1960s.

They Don’t Make Elna Like They Used To

An Elna sewing machine from the 1960s is Lindsay’s main squeeze and preferred machine. Fun fact about this hearty piece of equipment: Elna was chosen as the Official Sewing Machine of the Olympic Games in Munich. Bet you didn’t know that was an honor doled out?! Milk glass collection available for rental at Linyage.

Rent the Fun Way

Lindsay has a MAGNIFICENT milk glass collection now available for rental: Milkglass + MONAX Vintage Rentals. Check out her arsenal of fabulous glassware and elevate your garden party by renting some of these beauties. Business besties, Sarah and Lindsay, of Linyage.

In Business With Besties 

Sarah and Lindsay have been friends since they were in 5th grade. We know a thing or two about going into biz with those close to us, and we support it. Linsday of Linyage sews two bodysuits a month.

It Takes Two

The maximum for designer Lindsay to sew every month is two bodysuits. Slow fashion at its finest; these works of art are made with a whole lotta love.Lindsay and Sarah set intentions with every new moon.

Good Intentions

The ladies of this power duo set intentions with every new moon and release something every full moon. Is THAT the secret to why they work so well together?! No, it’s just because they’re both fabulous communicators and generally lovely people. Lindsay leads the Eau Claire branch of Girl Get After It.

Girl GO After It

Lindsay leads the Eau Claire branch of Girl Get After It; a national organization dedicated to building community and staying active. Meet us at one of our monthly events! The list of future GGAI endeavors includes skiing, yoga, and curling. 


Lindsay–you’re truly ONE-of-a-kind. Thanks for dedicating time for us to learn a bit more about you. You’re an inspiration to us all in way more ways than one. Consider this our informal request for you to come back for part two?!