Beginners Guide to Hello Adorn

Beginners Guide to Hello Adorn

Whether you're a new customer to Hello Adorn (welcome!!), or you've been loyal from the beginning (thank you!!!), this blog will help you learn more about the metals we use, how to care for them, and our best tips and tricks we can offer you. Not ALL of us can be experts on the metals industry, so we'll just have to bring our expertise to you. 


All of our metals are hypoallergenic and nickel free. We use 14kt Gold Fill (NEVER plated - we'll tell you why!) , 14kt Rose Gold Fill, and .925 certified Sterling Silver. These metals allow us to make our pieces at a price point that is accessible for many customers, while still providing quality and long lasting jewelry! 

Metals FAQ: 

  • What is the difference between gold fill and gold plated?
    14kt Gold Fill is a thick layer of solid 14kt gold that is heat and pressure bonded to a center core of high quality jeweler’s brass. This is unlike gold-plated jewelry which uses an electrochemical process that deposits a thin layer of gold onto the surface on an unknown metal–this layer is often so thin that it can easily be wear off. That does NOT sound like everyday wear to me. 
  • What does .925 certified Sterling Silver mean?
    Sterling silver is an alloy of 92.5% silver and the other 7.5% is copper (however, other companies might use products that contain nickel). The copper, or other metals, in the silver alloy increase hardness so the material will be more durable–otherwise pure silver is far too soft! Alloys also help create the beautiful color that so many customers love. However, even the best sterling silver in the world will tarnish. Do NOT fret! It’s easy to clean using a
    jewelry polishing cloth, and will look brand new in no time.
  • What are the gauge sizes of your earrings? 
    - Tiny Twists: 19g
    - Minis: 18g
    - Tiny Hoops: 21g
    - Studs: 22g - 24g
  • Is your jewelry swim, sweat, and shower proof?
    Yes! Feel free to do all life things in your jewelry. However, we do caution those who wear sterling silver jewelry to take off their bling before extended or repeated exposure to chlorine. Those chemicals can be strong and sometimes cause adverse reactions to metals.

Jewelry Care:

  • Can I use hydrogen peroxide to clean my jewelry?
    No! Please don’t do this! A jewelry polishing cloth, or some warm water and mild soap should do the trick. Sterling silver can even be polished using the natural oils on your fingers. If you're particularly concerned about your silver jewelry tarnishing, then we suggest living by the age-old "last on, first off" rule. Have your jewelry be the last thing you put on in the morning after applying lotions and beauty products, and the first thing you take off when you get home. If you ever have issues, please email 
  • Should I store my jewelry in the bathroom?
    We do not recommend that you store your jewelry in the bathroom. Bathrooms tend to be the place where the most sulfates are concentrated in the air (due to moisture, which accelerated the tarnishing process). We suggest storing your jewelry in a storage case and keeping it in a dresser or closet. 

Life Hacks

  • Too much extender chain hanging? Clip off the excess extender with nail clippers to get your perfect desired length.A hack for too long of an extender on your jewelry
  • Needing to take off your Endless Bracelet? You can use the nail clippers with that as well! Clip it on or close to the jump ring in order to keep the chain if you'd like it put back on later. 
  • When layering two necklaces, use the clasps of both necklaces to attach to the other necklace's jump ring. This way you can adjust them to layer nicely and they don't tangle as easily.
  • Roll out kinks in Herra Chains using a lipstick tube or a pen (then hang up to avoid further kinking). 

Fix a kink in your Herra Chain

How to Wear HA:

  • Layering Necklaces: Vary lengths, chain thickness, and weight of pendants. This will overall help with tangling when layering necklaces.
    How to layer chains and necklaces
    • Stacking Rings: Vary the thickness + shape of the rings you choose. Don't underestimate the power of leaving a finger (or two) blank!
    Stacking and layering rings and bands

    You won't be tested on any of these subjects...  but if you were? We'd be pretty confident in you.