Everything You Need To Know About Simple Everyday Earrings

Everything You Need To Know About Simple Everyday Earrings

While we’re always looking to design new pieces (we love to keep the creative juices flowing around here!), there’s something to say about our tried and true pieces. Simple jewelry that stands the test of time is something we’re certainly known for – especially when it comes to minimalist earrings. So let's get into it – here's all of your earring ‘need to knows’ for a personalized style that includes handmade jewelry. 

What are the most simple earrings?

If you’re looking for simple earrings, then look no further. Nothing beats a pair of simple gold hoops. The delicate nature of our Cypress Hoops accomplishes simple, elegant, AND handmade all in one go. Lightly hammered for texture, the Cypress Hoops are perfect for the gals who want to sling some hoops in quickly and get on with their day. Not a hoop person? Still looking for something simple? Our Tiny Dot Studs are the epitome of simple gold studs. They’re the perfect amount of dainty, making them the best earrings to wear all the time.

Simple everyday hoops by Hello Adorn

What are the best earrings to wear everyday?

Well, it’s in the name! We wouldn’t call them Everyday Hoops if they weren't absolutely perfect for just that. Available in five different sizes, these hoops have the power to accompany every outfit you don. From sweat pants to ball gowns, you’ll be looking classy and chic with these simple gold hoops.  
Everyday Hoops by Hello Adorn

What are the easiest earrings to put on?

The easiest earrings to put on are always going to be threaders! Our staff favorites are the Mini Petals and Tiny Horseshoe Earrings. The joy of threaders is that they do exactly as their name claims – they easily thread through your piercing for a no-back no-fuss experience! Threaders also tend to be eye-catching as they are different from a typical hoop or stud. They offer a unique, handmade jewelry experience that always draws interest.

Tiny Horseshoe Earrings by Hello Adorn

What are the most popular earrings right now?

Hello Adorn’s best selling earrings are, without a doubt, the Tiny Twist Earrings! These are a corkscrew-style earring that threads into your piercing, causing the illusion of not just one huggie hoop, but two. This unique and handmade hoop design is perfect for those who don’t want to commit to a second (or third +) piercing but would love the look of another. Because they twist around your ear lobe, they are also comfortable to sleep, workout, and LIVE in! However, if you’re not someone who likes the threader style, we offer a post option called the Double Up Posts. The pro to these is they’re so easy to take in and out of your piercing, thanks to the post design, but Tiny Twists still reign as the most comfortable earrings to sleep in. The power of the double-piercing illusion can now be whatever you want it to be. Whatever your preference is, you can find in both of these simple, handmade earrings!
Piercings Optional Collection by Hello Adorn

What is the best material for everyday earrings?

The BEST material is solid gold for sure. However, that’s not in everyone's price point now, is it? That’s where we come in. We make 14kt gold filled jewelry. Gold fill often gets confused with gold plated jewelry. However, there’s a massive difference in terms of quality. Where gold fill is a thick layer of 14kt gold heat and pressure bonded to a high quality jewelers brass core, gold plating is an electrochemical process that deposits a thin layer of gold onto the surface on an unknown metal–this layer is often so thin that it can easily wear off. Gold fill is perfect for earrings as it doesn’t cause any irritation on the skin, and it cleans easily.

Gold, Gold Fill, and Gold Plated Comparison Chart by Hello Adorn

Not a gold girl? We also use .925 certified Sterling Silver which, like 14kt gold fill, is hypoallergenic, and perfect for making jewelry! A true win-win. If you’re looking to read more about our metals, a perfect place to start is our Education Guide or another blog “Beginner’s Guide to Hello Adorn”.

How do I choose everyday earrings?

From a biased perspective we think every day earrings are, in their purest form, a simple hoop that hugs your ear lobe. Why is our perspective biased, you ask? Because we’ve got the PERFECT gold huggie hoops for you and everyone you know. Our Tiny Hoops are the perfect hoop for the person who wants to live in their jewelry. They are swim proof, shower proof, sweat proof, sleep proof, LIFE PROOF! These babies are indestructible, perfect for wearing every day, and you don’t have to take them out except for your periodic piercing cleaning day. These simple and dainty hoops come in three different sizes so you can get the exact fit you’re looking for. Depending on piercing placement and lobe thickness you might have to size up or down, but if you’re looking for a place to start we recommend trying the 7mm Tiny Hoops first.
Tiny Hoops by Hello Adorn

Is it good to wear earrings every day?

YES!!! Are you kidding me? There are so many reasons why it’s great to wear earrings every day (helloooo self-expression). If you’re experiencing discomfort or pain with a piercing that isn’t new, then we recommend cleaning daily and seeing if a different style of earring might be a better fit for you. 

How to style an every day earring stack look

How do you style an ear party?

“I’ll have one of everything please.” That’s the kinda ear party we’re talking about. Not all of us have the piercings for a full blown ear-rager (a.k.a. an ear party that has many participants). You can definitely FAKE an ear-rager by using some Ear Cuffs, Tiny Twists, or Double Up Posts. Kinda like in Home Alone when Kevin makes it look like he’s having a party? That’s what Ear Cuffs can do for you. If you have the piercings for it, we also recommend mixing some huggie hoops in with a fun, little stud. For example, the Tiny Bar Stud, Double Dot Stud, or Tiny Star Stud are all simple on their own, but when added to an ear party they really take things to the next level. Want to have an ear kegger?! There is only one option: the largest Cypress Hoops, Dagger Charms, Herkimer Diamond Studs. That combination is for the baddies out there who are reading. If that’s not your thing then just take a quick gander at the Hoop Charms because there’s bound to be one (or five) that you might want to add to your ear party.  

What's the best place to buy everyday jewelry?

For the mid-range price point, we recommend getting jewelry from right here! We’re a small business that is based out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. So while you’re out there trying to find the best everyday jewelry, you can sleep soundly knowing you’re also supporting a small business that creates handmade jewelry just for you. You can read more about our founder + owners, Jess and Adam, here!

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