Mother’s Day Jewelry Horoscope

Mother’s Day Jewelry Horoscope

Mother’s Day is a special time for so many people! We realize that Mother’s Day is important for different reasons. Pick which “mom type” applies to you best, and see what pieces from our collection are a MUST for you! Fall into multiple categories? I guess you’ll have to get them ALL.

Plant Mom: BYO Wildflowers Necklace, Herkimer Threaders

Plant Moms need options, and girl, we got ‘em. There are 384 possible combinations for the BYO Wildflowers Necklace based on metal, chain length, chain type, stamp options, and pendant shape. Whether you’re a cactus girl, or love yourself a leafy tropical plant, this necklace will meet your needs. Pair it with the Herkimer Threaders, and your plants can only thrive.Jewelry for a Plant Mom and Dog MomDog Mom: Evermore Necklace, Cece Studs

Man’s best friend? C’mon… we know the truth. The Evermore Necklace symbolizes the deep connection between you and another you care about. And let’s be honest, nothing beats that puppy love! Cece Studs are short and spicy, helping you keep up with your high energy companion.

Work Mom: Pearl Studs, Solitaire Necklace

Whether your work is mothering (i.e. stay at home mom) or, at your workplace, you’re the one people go to for advice and comfort–then these are for you. These options are both classy and will match your vibe at home and at work. Jewelry for a Work Mom and Toddler Mom

Toddler Mom: Mama Necklace, Hammered Signet Ring 

Oh, you have a toddler? Badge of honor to you. Consider our newly elevated Mama Necklace as your official badge. You can add family members’ initials to your chain– the more tags, the more badges! This necklace will be a reminder to yourself of the amazing job you are doing during hard times or when someone goes from toddling to running in the blink of an eye.    

Newborn Mom: Pearl Linked Necklace or Bracelet

A pearl is precious and takes a long time to be created, just like your sweet, new baby! This necklace or bracelet was designed to remind you to enjoy these precious and fleeting moments as they are happening. Choose between two and seven pearls to represent the people who mean the most to you.  Jewelry for a Newborn Mom and Cat Mom

Cat Mom: Cece Initial Necklace, Solitaire Studs 

Whether you have one or more kitties, The Cece Initial Necklace gives you the chance to commemorate your pets & family with love! The Solitaire Studs are also for you because, as we all know: cats like shiny things. 

Soon-to-be Mom: Dandelion Puff Necklace, Cece Threaders

The Dandelion Puff Necklace has been in our Mother’s Day collection in years past and still continues to be a bestseller–for good reason. The dandelion represents you and the “pip” charm attached represents your soon-to-be baby. Of course you can always find your own meaning for this piece, but we especially love it for new mamas! Jewelry for the Soon-to-be Mom and Tired Mom

Tired Mom: Solitaire Annex Studs, Raising Wildflowers Necklace

Feeling busy? We know just what you need. Here’s what to do. 1. Throw on your Solitaire Annex Studs and Raising Wildflowers Necklace 2. Slam some ZZZQuil 3. Take a nap. IN. THAT. ORDER. Who says you can’t feel fabulous and be tired at the same time? Problem solved. You’re a glammed up sleeping beauty who will feel so much better once you allow yourself the rest you so desperately need.

Athletic Mom: Solitaire Studs, Birdie Initial Necklace

Throwing a little sparkle into your workout never hurts! Add the Solitaire Studs to your earring stack to achieve a cute look, and top aerodynamics (no dangles, no problem). The Birdie Initial Necklace is perfect for the first letter of your last name to represent you and your family on and off the field.Jewelry for the Athletic Mom and the Coffee-Addicted MomCoffee-Addicted Mom: Herra Chain, Birdie Initial Bracelet

Gotta get that sweet, sweet caffeine fix before the day starts? We hear you, sister. Pair your classic order with a classic look. The Herra Chain is a lot like coffee: once you start, you can’t really stop. The addiction is real! Pair it with a Birdie Initial Bracelet and your look will be complete (as long as a latte is in your hand). 

Hip Mom: Chloe Necklace, Pearl Threaders

Okay, you’re hip. You’re cool. And boy, we know it. Be bold enough to wear the Chloe Necklace in all of her glory. We absolutely LOVE this chunky chain and toggle closure. Feeling spunky? Add the Pearl Threaders! You’ll achieve the spiciest and classiest look possible.Jewelry for the Hip Mom and Full Kinda House Mom

Full-House Kinda Mom: Tiny Dot Initial Necklace

These are the moms we remember from growing up. Even if your own children aren’t home, their friends, your neighbors, and cousins know that your house is also theirs. If you’ve been known to say, “help yourself to whatever is in the fridge!” or “you’re always welcome to join for dinner,” then the Tiny Dot Initial Necklace is for you. You can add multiple initials to the same chain to represent anyone you’d like to keep close to your heart (whether you’re their legal guardian or not). 


Of course we know that these are silly-goofy categories to toss moms into. We know that you are all unique and could probably fit into many, or all, of these. But even if you just fit into one–you are seen, you are loved, and you are important. Happy Mother’s Day!This Hello Adorn blog is written by Claire Parker