Mother’s Day: Raising Wildflowers

Mother’s Day: Raising Wildflowers

In a field of roses, we raise wildflowers here at Hello Adorn. From a single bloom to a bouquet of wildflowers, the Raising Wildflower Necklace is a hand-stamped floral pendant that can be customized with one stem all the way up to six. Jess, our founder, owner, and designer, hand drew the raising wildflower art for Mother’s Day back in 2022, and this design has been growing strong ever since. I interviewed Jess about her inspiration behind this necklace and how it came to fruition at Hello Adorn. 

How did the idea for the Raising Wildflower Necklace come to you?

I love subtle symbolism and have always been more drawn to that rather than loud, obvious “mom jewelry” like pendants where each kid's name is fully spelled out. Years ago I designed a necklace with a pendant that just had dots stamped on it and you could choose your number of dots to personalize it. Those dots could be symbolic of anything. It did really well for Mother's Day, so I decided to continue with that idea, but this time using flower stems. During my creative process, I found that layering the stems so the design doesn’t change (but is just added to) was a perfect way to chase that subtle symbolism I was looking for. 

What is the significance of a wildflower vs another type of flower to you?

I was drawn to wildflowers because they’re undefined and impossible to predict. It feels similar to raising a family. Children are unique and not always exactly what you thought they’d be. It’s like planting wildflower seeds –you never know exactly what will grow, you just do your best as a parent to tend to their individual needs and help them flourish as they are. They’re never going to be exactly how you planned, because they’re their own independent, unique person. I also love the nod towards wildflowers meaning that kids, and life, can just be wild sometimes. Embrace it! 

Why was it important to you to offer different variations of your design?

I want people to decide what is symbolic to them–it doesn’t have to be kids–it can be literally anything (up to six :) It could symbolize every member of your family, your siblings, your favorite number. I want people to choose something that is meaningful to them, instead of feeling that it has the same meaning for everyone. I also love the surprise element of it; if someone compliments your necklace, you could choose to share the meaning of it with them or not. It’s almost like a little secret code! 

What sort of significance have you seen customers hold with this necklace?

It was originally launched as part of our Mother’s Day collection, so it’s always felt like a piece designed for moms. But it doesn’t have to be! One family I know sees the angel number 333 everywhere, and they all got three stems to represent that angel number. Another momma uses 5 stems total for her whole family (including herself, her husband, and the dog) because she said she’s not just raising her boy, but raising everyone!

The significance you find in this necklace is up to you, but what remains consistent is that it was designed and handmade so you can feel beautiful and be reminded of what is most important to you. While each flower may look different, they are all rooted together.