Friendship Bracelets: How our Similarities Make us Stronger

Friendship Bracelets: How our Similarities Make us Stronger

Once again, it’s friendship bracelet season. Last fall we created a collection of friendship bracelets that highlight how opposites attract and sometimes our besties balance us out. This summer, it’s all about our similarities. Who is your twin flame? Who do you look at and feel like when you’re looking in the mirror? Who’s your soul sister, with NO balance in sight? This collection is for you two. Our staff read up on each friendship bracelet, and decided where they identify—read below to find out where you and your bestie belong!


Nice + Easy

  • Description: "Wanna go to a coffee shop and sit in silence while we read next to each other?": If you can say that to your bestie then this friendship bracelet is for you two.
  • Vibes: Zen, calm, generally happy, drinking tea
  • HA staff: Heather, Cait, Jess B., Nicole, Lau
Nice + Easy Friendship Bracelet by Hello Adorn

Loud + Proud

  • Description: You two are the life of the party, and you KNOW it. No shame allowed in this friendship pair.
  • Vibes: Rock and roll is your MO, baby!
  • HA staff: Mary, Rich, Kimmie, Trav, Marla
Loud and Proud Friendship Bracelet from Hello Adorn

Wild + Free

  • Description: You're a pair of wildflowers—seriously vibrant, fun, and independent. Even though you two could spend years apart, you would still pick up right where you left off.
  • Vibes: earthy, crunchy, outdoorsy, carefree, mostly Aquarians 
  • HA staff: Claire, Kurtis, Maggie J., Kyra, Maggie I., Hannah, Adam  

Wild + Free Friendship Bracelet by Hello Adorn

 Hot + Bothered

  • Description: The two of you are easily worked up, but also the people others call to GET. STUFF. DONE. A serious "don't mess with us" attitude is your favorite accessory. And now, so is this bracelet.
  • Vibes: Hot mess, or just always hot (as in temperature, or looks), maybe a little irritable 
  • HA staff: Lizzie, Juliann, Stacy, Savannah, Trey, Steph

Hot + Bothered Friendship Bracelet by Hello Adorn

Young + Reckless

  • Description: Whether you two are young at heart, or truly just young, y’all have some real reckless energy. We'll be here reminding you two to wear some helmets, and some matching bracelets.
  • Vibes: Live fast, die young
  • HA staff: Abbie, Cat, Kayla, Kelsey

Young + Reckless Friendship Bracelet by Hello Adorn

Cool + Carefree

  • Description: You two are completely unbothered by life's problems. What time is it? We don't know. What are we doing this weekend? Doesn't matter. As long as we're together.
  • Vibes: Vacay mode, relaxed to the max ALWAYS (beachy and peachy)
  • HA Staff: KJ, Amanda, Britlyn, Jess G.

Cool + Carefree Friendship Bracelet by Hello Adorn

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