Cuff It

Cuff It

While the slang term “cuff it” typically means that one is tied down and no longer available to date anyone else, Hello Adorn is using this term in their own way. The second you try on one of our unique cuffs, you’re going to feel a whole new relationship blossom with that cuff. I mean, that’s what Beyoncé meant when she wrote Cuff It, right? We’ve dropped some new and tantalizing cuff designs that all have a ring counterpart– a.k.a. the perfect partner in crime. If you need some matching set inspiration, then we have QUITE the duos for you!

1. Cleo Cuff + Cleo Ring
Cleo Cuff and Cleo Ring from Hello AdornThe Cleo Ring has been an HA favorite since it dropped. We couldn’t help but also make a larger Cleo to fit your wrist! Designed by two beautifully hammered bands intersecting and bound by wire wrapping to create a unique criss-cross pattern– this ring can be worn in three separate ways. Its cuff counterpart carries a similar styling opportunity as you can wear the criss-cross facing up or facing down depending on the look you’re going for that day. It's time to “give Cleopatra” and treat yourself to the Cleo Cuff and Ring like the queen you are. 

2. Wander Cuff + Squiggle RingWander Cuff and Squiggle Cuff from Hello AdornThis cuff works a lot like my thoughts… wanders around but gets the job done eventually. So, if you’re a quirky girly like me and already love the unpredictability of the Squiggle Ring, well, good news for you! The Squiggle Ring just got a big sister and she’s just as quirky and beautiful! The Wander Cuff is a true statement piece and will definitely be noticed when worn. Every Wander Cuff is truly different, which is another perk of buying our handmade jewelry– it will always be uniquely yours!

3. Revolve Cuff + Revolve Ring (sneak peek! shhhh) 
Revolve Cuff + Revolve Ring at Hello Adorn
This cuff… this CUFF. I have completely fallen for. Like the Cleo Cuff, the Revolve Cuff can be worn two ways. Its simple and elegant design has a hold on me– on my wrist to be exact. But that’s not all. We are dropping a ring made similarly that will complete the look and bring you into self actualization. Just kidding. But if a cuff and ring duo could do that, I’m sure it’d be this sophisticated pair. I’m being sneaky and “accidentally” showing you a new piece that isn’t quite ready for a drop yet. But, if you’re following along on these blogs then we should reward you for that, right? 

4. Tides Cuff + Tiny Hammered Band / Chain Ring

If you haven’t noticed, here at Hello Adorn we love to trick people into thinking that we have more jewelry on than we actually do. Take the Tiny Twists for example! It’s only one piece but it looks like two gold hoops. It was the very first April Fools joke a piece of jewelry has ever pulled. Let’s pull another prank, shall we? The Tides Cuff has the classic Hammered Cuff, but with our Curb chain attached! This gives the ultimate layered look and is only one piece to purchase instead of two. We don’t have a ring (yet) that has the same effect. However, if you want the same effect on a finger you can get the Tiny Hammered Band and a chain ring to compliment the look. I recommend the Dani Chain Ring for gold girls and the Rici Chain Ring for our silver sisters. 

We can’t even express how stoked we are about these new, beautiful cuff designs. If you’re interested in self actualization, or simply obeying Queen B, then you’ll do what’s right and get yourself a cuff. While you’re at it, get yourself a matching ring as well.

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