IWD: Social Goods Pieces that Empower + Support Women

IWD: Social Goods Pieces that Empower + Support Women

International Women's Day not only gives focus to issues such as gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence and abuse against women, but is also a day filled with the rallying cry of support! Support can present in SO many different ways, but at HA we agree that support often looks like being your 100% authentic self and sending love to those who do the same. 

We like to put our “money where our mouth is” at HA in a few different ways, and our social goods pieces are a special part of that. We have four pieces on the site that currently have a percentage of their sales go towards community empowerment, especially for women! Lady Like Necklace by Hello Adorn

1. Lady Like Necklace: proceeds support local Planned Parenthood

Our maker Britlyn designed this for herself during the KeepYourLawsOffMyBody movement and we all begged her for one, eventually being coined the Lady Like Necklace. This is a limited drop for International Women's Day, but will be a permanent add to the website in the future – since we KNOW how badly so many of you want it! This time,100% of the proceeds will be donated to Eau Claire's Planned Parenthood in order to support women locally. Don't let the name fool you–Lady Like doesn't mean well behaved. 👊

Dolly Necklace by Hello Adorn

2. Dolly Necklace: proceeds support local breast cancer patients + their families. 

We relaunched our beloved Dolly Necklace in October of 2023, with a few edits! Instead of jump rings for nipples, we wire wrapped them so they stay in place, just like yours do (for the most part). 100% of Dolly Necklace sales in the month of October went to local Eau Claire breast cancer patients + their families to use for medical bills, groceries, or whatever they found helpful to them. After October ended, Dolly stayed on the website as a permanent add, and now 50% of those sales are donated to local patients as well. 

Femme Necklace by Hello Adorn

3. Femme Necklace: proceeds support body positivity + women’s mental health through the SeekHer Foundation

This necklace was designed to promote self love and body positivity. 100% of The Femme Necklace proceeds are donated to the SeekHer Foundation: an organization dedicated to bridging the gender gap of mental health through advocacy, research, and support. SeekHer’s work is centered around raising awareness of the social issues impacting women's mental health and amplifying support for local leaders who are bridging those gaps in their communities. 

Entwined Necklace by Hello Adorn

4. Entwined Necklace: proceeds support local equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts. 

The Entwined Necklace symbolizes community engagement and unity. We donate 100% of sales for this necklace to empowering our community through equity, diversity, and inclusivity efforts in Eau Claire, WI. In 2020, we donated to EC Justice League—an organization committed to bringing necessary supplies to protestors in Minneapolis. Most recently, we fully funded a mural called Garden of Femininity in the heart of downtown Eau Claire designed by Leeya Jackson (@leeyamakesnoise). The mural pulls some of our favorite colors, and highlights female empowerment and diversity. Research is currently underway for the next designation for the Entwined Necklace. 

International Women's Day is everyday, amiright? Thanks for the support to all who provide it. <3

Hello Adorn's blog and copy writer, Claire