Stockist Feature: Coulee Boutique

Coulee Boutique in Galesville, WI providing women's clothing, shoes and jewelry.

Coulee Boutique has been a stockist of ours for five years and has remained a loyal and enthusiastic supporter of Hello Adorn. Anna, the store owner, is truly passionate about curating her store to be a positive and welcoming space– along with providing the most adorable goods! Anna left her teaching career to grow her business, and fits right into the Hello Adorn crew as we have also hired many ex-teachers who were looking to enter the business realm! Below is an interview with Anna that shows how she curates, displays, and loves on Hello Adorn. We are SO lucky to know her!!

Why do you love carrying our jewelry?

I love carrying Hello Adorn jewelry for many reasons. The first is that they're from my hometown and I love that I can tell my customers that when they're admiring the jewelry. I also love that the staff at Hello Adorn are always prompt in replying to any questions I have. Finally, and probably most importantly, I simply love their jewelry. I was wearing HA before opening my store 5 years ago and you can always find me wearing the brand in my daily life. I'm currently wearing three rings, two endless bracelets, one bracelet, two ear cuffs, and two pairs of earrings. Like I said -- obsessed!

Coulee Boutique in Galesville, WI carrying Hello Adorn handcrafted jewelry wholesale.

What makes our brand a good fit for your shop?

Hello Adorn is a good fit for Coulee Boutique because, as a brand, their mission + vision align closely with ours. They don't just make and sell jewelry, they truly aim to make their community a better place. While Eau Claire is my original roots, I have planted new ones in the Coulee Region and aim to serve my customers and community with the same passion and compassion as Adam + Jess do in Eau Claire.

What pieces do customers love the most?

It's hard to beat the OG Tiny Twists! I find my customers love what I'm currently loving (which changes as they come out with new releases). I would have to say, for earrings, our best sellers have been Tiny Horseshoes, Mini Pescados, and any of the ear cuffs. Rings + necklaces also do very well in our assortment.

Tell us a little about your shop!

Coulee Boutique is nestled in a little Hallmark town called Galesville, WI. Our shop sells women's clothing in sizes small-3x as well as shoes, purses, jewelry (duh!), and a great assortment of gift + home items. We pride ourselves on offering service with a smile. :)

A look inside Coulee Boutique, WI a women owned business carrying Hello Adorn jewelry.

Anything else you’d want to share with us or other Stockists?

Hello Adorn has been with my business since the beginning 5 years ago. It remains a top jewelry brand within my shop and I have customers from around the country that purchase online as well. You truly can't beat the family + team behind the brand!

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