A Camping Girly’s Jewelry Guide

Long lasting jewelry by Hello Adorn, a great option for hiking jewelry or exercise jewelry.

Hey, it's your gal, Claire. I'm half of the "customer care pair" here at HA, but I wear many hats including writing blogs. Join us on an expedition to find the BEST pieces for our femmes who love to hike, climb, swim, build fires, paddle, or sleep outside. We’ve got what you need.

A mantra I live by in the summer is “I know I’ve had a good day if I find dirt on my clothes and leaves in my hair”. That is a sign I am living carefree and a little bit wild– just the way I like it. I also love the days when I don’t need to check the time. I get to eat when I’m hungry, sleep when I’m tired, and climb a tree if I feel like it. If you’re reading this and that's not you– that’s okay! These tips are still applicable for fast-paced travel days or just a busy life in general.

Camping at The North Shore, Minnesota with Hello Adorn employee, Clare.

The Alpine Start: Tiny Twists
The beauty of the Tiny Twist is that you truly don’t have to take them out once they’re in. They make you look a little more bad ass with the illusion of two piercings, this is true. But the TRUE joy is less in the aesthetic and more in the practicality for an outdoors person. If you’re getting an alpine start to your day (meaning early in the AM)-- the last thing you’re thinking about is your piercings. But if you start your trip with Tiny Twists, then you’re ending your trip with Tiny Twists. And a bonus? They’re hella cute. Can’t go wrong with some gold hoop earrings, am I right?

If you have Tiny Twists and find these getting stuck, caught on clothes, hair, or anything else random, then that’s an indication that these are too big for you! They should hug closely so this doesn’t happen. We offer two sizes depending on the placement of your piercing and lobe thickness (6mm and 8mm). However, if these sizes don’t work for you, reach out to our customer care team because they may or may not have secret sizes for you to get your desired twist size! (I didn’t just tell you that). 

Start your camping trip with our Tiny Twist Earrings by Hello Adorn.

Helmets, Headlamps, and Hats: Endless Hoops

Whatever you’re doing, whatever the temperature or time of day, Endless Hoops will fit comfortably. These hoops are lightweight, simple, and, like their clever name, truly endless. Because there is no protruding post sticking into that back part of your ear, it’s easy to comfortably squish your ears down with helmets, headlamps, or hats! Another major bonus?! You don’t have to take them out at night because when you lay down, they won’t be incessantly poking you like any other earring with a post would. This is probably the largest reason why Tiny Twists and Endless Hoops are in this camping line up. 

Earrings that fit comfortably: Endless Hoops, a piece of long lasting jewelry to take on your camping trip for hiking jewelry.

Hike, Climb, and Swim Proof: Endless Bracelets

This one is a shout out to those of you who live locally in Eau Claire, WI, or are incredible enough to travel to our store (we see you and really appreciate you!!) from miles away. Our Endless Bracelets are our own branded permanent jewelry that gets welded onto your wrist or ankle–no clasp needed. Because of this unique permanence, it’s only something we can do for our customers in person. Endless bracelets are incredible for anyone who is active because it negates the worry of pesky clasps getting in the way of activities. Another perk is that these bracelets are fitted exactly as desired– however tight or loose! I have been camping, hiking, climbing, and swimming all while wearing my Endless Bracelets. 

Endless Bracelets on the Road from Hello Adorn.

This summer, our VW van, Goldie, will be hitting the road for Endless Bracelet pop ups! Keep your eyes peeled– we might be coming to you!

No matter what your favorite activities are–if you know you’re going to be busy, this is a killer line up of Hello Adorn staples that will keep you looking fly but also practical. Got any questions about what activities you can or can’t do in our jewelry? Check out our FAQ page or email hello@helloadorn with any questions about our metals and materials! Someone please email and ask if parasailing is allowed…I will volunteer as tribute to be the test dummy on that one.Claire Parker, blog author at Hello Adorn