Our 10 Best Simple Everyday Earrings

Our 10 Best Simple Everyday Earrings

Looking for the best earrings to wear every day? What a LOADED question for a jewelry company. With hours of research, data, and debate, we've got answers for you. 

The type of earrings that are wearable for every day have two categories that need to be checked off before moving forward with your purchase. First, make sure the shape of your earring has functionality that works best for you, and that the material of your earrings are quality so they’re not tarnishing or causing irritation. 

So, what IS the best material for everyday earrings? Let's get into it! Quality jewelry can have a high price point, especially if you’re shopping for solid gold and handmade jewelry. A great way to still get the quality you want, but at a lower price point, is to shop for 14kt gold fill jewelry. Gold fill means that there is a thick layer of solid 14kt gold that is heat and pressure bonded to a center core of high quality jeweler’s brass. With proper care, 14kt gold fill will last just as long as solid 14kt gold! Pure gold doesn’t tarnish, so the thick layer of 14kt gold on gold-filled pieces prevents tarnishing. GOOD NEWS, gold fill is also swim, sweat, shower, sleep, and LIFE proof! Simple everyday hoops from Hello Adorn

What are the best everyday hoop earrings?

    Honestly, our Endless Hoops or Tiny Hoops are the way to go. Both have seamless closures, simple and dainty features, and are SO comfortable to sleep in. Without knowing it, these will become your go-to earrings in the blink of an eye. The Endless Hoops also fit all of our Hoop Charms, making it easy to slide a new one on every day! Perfect for creating a personalized style, but keeping your favorite earrings in. Currently, we’re gathering inspo from our Gen Z friends, and adding multiple Hoop Charms to one hoop. We’re crazy!

    Tiny Twist Earrings from Hello Adorn

    What are the best everyday threaders?

    Our all-time best seller, and favorite earring is none other than the Tiny Twists! This Threader takes the cake when it comes to double piercing earrings, except you only need ONE piercing! Like a corkscrew, the Tiny Twists thread through one piercing and create the illusion of two–it’s truly magic. If you’re looking for some threaders that take up more space, then we can’t help but mention our Mini Petals, and our Gemma Threaders for those who like to add a little color to their ear party!

    Simple everyday minimalist stud earrings from Hello Adorn

    What are the best everyday studs?

    If you’re looking for simple studs for women, our Tiny Ball Studs are absolutely perfect for achieving that everyday, simple look. We love using them for multiple piercings–but we also love them all on their own. If you’re looking for something similar and equally as simple, our Tiny Dot Studs are also a great option! Simple, elegant, and classic for all YOU class acts.

    The best simple everyday ear cuffs from Hello Adorn

    What is the best everyday ear cuff?

    We LOVE to fake a piercing, but why fake one when you can fake two?! As the epitome of simple jewelry, our Double Up Ear Cuff was made to look like multiple piercings where you have none. The best part? It’s so comfortable you won’t even remember it’s there. If you’re looking for a bolder option, the Classic Ear Cuff is your one-true-cuff + the best way to add something extra to your ear party. 

    The best simple dangle earrings from Hello Adorn

    What are the best everyday dangle earrings?

    Our Confetti Backdrops are hands down the best every day dangle, especially where our unique backdrops are concerned. However, our Annex Studs are a cult classic within the brand– SO classic that we’ve had to make mini + double versions of the annex. So, we’re leaving this one up to you– are you a backdrop or annex girly?!

      The best part of any of these pieces is that they can stay in your ear for days, weeks, months, YEARS without any tarnishing or irritation– truly the epitome of life-proof jewelry. The only thing we suggest is that you periodically clean your jewelry with a gentle soap and warm water, and then shine it up with our sunshine polishing cloth to keep everything sparkling just the way you like it!

      The BEST simple earrings for everyday:  

      1. Endless Hoops 
      2. Tiny Hoops
      3. Bold Hoops
      4. Tiny Twists
      5. Mini Petals
      6. Tiny Ball Studs
      7. Tiny Dot Studs
      8. Double Up Ear Cuff 
      9. Confetti Backdrop
      10. Annex Studs

      Hello Adorn's blog and copy writer, Claire