Pearl Girls: June's Birth Gemstone

Pearl Girls: June's Birth Gemstone

Welcome Pearl Girls. Pearls are June’s birthstone, and it’s finally YOUR month to shine– and boy does Hello Adorn have PLENTY for you to choose from. Even though pearls are not a stone (they’re formed within various species of freshwater and saltwater mollusks) they are still considered a gem–and therefore a gemstone! 

As the most classic gemstone ever, Hello Adorn offers so many ways to wear them! Looking to add more pearls to your collection? Why not take a quick scroll to see which pearl variation catches your eye first:

  • Pearl Linked Bracelet/Necklace: Used as a way to commemorate many different importances in life, this can be a thoughtful gift for yourself (we all do it) or someone special to you. Commonly used to show the number of children in a parent’s life, but can be used in SO many other meaningful ways! Just choose between two and seven pearls to get that perfect number you’re looking for.Pearl Linked Necklace and Pearl Linked Bracelet
  • Sunday Backdrops: These are a popular piece amongst the brides– and for good reason! Classic, sweet, sassy, unique– these are ALL the attributes a bride could want in one piece of jewelry.Sunday Backdrops from Hello Adorn
  • Pearl Choker: This is another piece that is HOT on the site as well as around the office. Looks amazing layered with a 16” Herra Chain, but it definitely speaks for itself if you want to wear it alone.Pearl Choker from Hello Adorn
  • Pearl Anklet: A pearl party on your ankle?! SO cute! These have been seen worn over little ankle socks and some sick sneakers— don’t knock it ‘till you try it. Pearl Anklet from Hello Adorn
  • Tiny Freshwater Pearl Necklace: If you love the Pearl Linked Necklace but just want *one* pearl instead of multiple–then THIS is the necklace for you! Wire wrapped into perfection and sits high up for a little pearl peek.

Freshwater Pearl Necklace by Hello Adorn


The moment you've been waiting for (drumroll)-- Jess's recs on what pieces to pair with your pearls:

1. Wear all white! 

wear all white with pearl accessories from hello adorn

2. Coastal Grandma

     3. Denim Jumpsuits

      denim rompers and pearl accessories for this summer  

      Now that ALL of these are in your shopping cart– go ahead and enjoy your pearls properly.