Layers + Lairs: A Look Inside Britlyn's Life

Layers + Lairs: A Look Inside Britlyn's Life

Meet your maker–Britlyn! She’s a Hello Adorn maker, artist, yogi, cat mom, and generally just a cool woman around town. She’s been part of the HA team for two years and without her, our world seems less…disco-y? We had her on the pod AND invited ourselves into her home to learn a little bit more about her lair, jewelry layers, and love for rhinestones. The interview only confirmed our suspicions–she IS as cool as she seems.

Whatcha vibin’ with right now?

Britlyn in her kitchen.
1. Gin & Ginger Ale with lime

Rico + Britlyn 
2. Taking my cats outside in the yard

Britlyn doing her nails.  
3. Fake nails. 

Britlyn biking to work.
4. Biking to work.

Britlyn being creative. 
5. Being creative; there’s no better feeling.

  Britlyn's kitchen. Britlyn and her disco ball.
6. Disco everything.

Hot chocolate with marshmallows.
7. Marshmallows in my coffee.

 Britlyn's closet. Britlyn at farmer's market. 
8. Dopamine dressing.

 Britlyn inside Hello Adorn.
9. Peeking out the blinds in the morning.

 Britlyn in her Star Wars shirt. Britlyn and a fake light saber.
10. Watching Star Wars in chronological order.

Britlyn and her disco ball. Britlyn holding her Confetti Choker.
Britlyn’s jewelry essentials: What's in your stack?
Confetti Choker, Dylan Chain Ring, Confetti Ring, Demi Double Annex and sometimes a Demi Hand Chain IF i'm feeling saucy.

 Britlyn in a jewelry stack.
What pieces layer well together?
A chunky necklace with something a lil more dainty! For example the Solitaire Choker with a smaller Herra and a Dylan Chain. Cuuuuuuuuuuute.

Doublet Hoops product photo. Britlyn's bracelet and ring stack.
What’s a great entry level piece to buy for a new HA fan?
I think everyone needs a good choker for layering w/ longer necklaces (Confetti is a must), but I also love a lot of simpler earrings like the Doublet Hoops. Also–never overlook what a good bracelet can do to your aesthetic.

Herkimer Diamond Studs product image. Britlyn making Squiggle Ring.
What’s a piece on the site that you love to make?
I love to make New Moon Pendants, Cypress Hoops, Squiggle Rings, wire wrap stones, and make Herkimer Studs.

Britlyn at Hello Adorn. Britlyn at Hello Adorn.
What’s a moment in your life that really changed the trajectory of where you were headed?
When I moved back to Wisconsin from California. Never thought I would, but I'm so happy I did!

Britlyn's apartment. Britlyn on a moped.
Where do you find inspiration?
All over the place. From interactions with others, being in nature, light, and color. Being in the process of making & trying new things is often the catalyst to more inspiration - once you get the ball rolling, the energy of creativity keeps things in motion.

 Britlyn wearing a purple wig. Britlyn wearing a purple shirt.
What color is your aura?
Well, according to the quiz I just took, I have a purple aura. :)

Dining room in apartment. Britlyn sitting at dining room table.
What’s your current fave moment happening in your apartment?
The dining room is almost always my fave spot in my apartment. It gets the best light in the morning, has the cute diner seating, and my plants are all happy.

Cat in bedroom. Britlyn and her cat, Rico.
Tell us the story behind one piece of artwork in your apartment?
I made a portrait of my cat rico with the lego art set, and I’m pretty obsessed with how it turned out.

And we just got kicked out for overstaying our welcome, so we’re going to cut the interview here. Thanks for chatting and chilling with us Britlyn! See you, Rico, and Susan for an outdoor grounding experience shortly! We’ll bring the gin + ginger ale.