Powerful, Flowerful, Foliage-Filled Prints (and a book!)

Powerful, Flowerful, Foliage-Filled Prints (and a book!)

Time to put the spotlight on the Sister Golden goddesses and the magic being creating at their incredible shop in Door County, WI. If this shop isn’t on your Hello Adorn stockist map, do yourself a favor and PLEASE put it on the radar. We invited Brooke and Vicki (mother/daughter owners) on the pod this week to hear all about their origin story. Let me tell you, these ladies are pure! sunshine! I don’t really get sore from smiling anymore (because I smile a LOT), but my cheeks developed all KINDS of new muscles during this interview–I was straight cheesin’ throughout its entirety. You gotta hear it for yourself. Head on over to wherever you download your p’dcasts for insight to Brooke and Vicki’s PURE magic making.

Something we’re never going to get over? Flower prints from Sister Golden. Co-founder Vicki forages her medium from Mother Nature and using tweezers, a pair of scissors and a VERY creative mind builds whimsical masterpieces. No glue, tape, or bad vibes goes into these babies. Vicki recycles the materials she uses right back outside after she’s photographed the artwork; therefore these flower art prints are all that remains of the original creation. We are floored by ALL of these flower prints, but especially...

Sister Golden Faves

Be Someone's Sunshine
Be Someone's Sunshine: Vicki’s pick
She's an OG flower girl! Lots of people say she looks like Nicole Kidman.
Forest Bathing
Forest Bathing: Vicki’s pick
This is also an up-and-coming crowd favorite.
Suprema Frida
Nesting Frida & Suprema Frida: Vicki’s pick 
V's all-time favorite Fridas. Did you know she's done Frida in flowers almost 50 times? 
Grace: Brooke’s pick
…And really all of the girls with openings in their chests.
Picasso Frida
Picasso Frida: Brooke’s pick 
I live for her color palette and her dusty miller earring! 
Zen Garden
Zen Garden: Brooke’s pick
Color palette obsessed over this one.

Hello Adorn's Faves

Happy Place
Happy PlaceSavannah's pick
The dog in this print? Sav would like to think that's her puppy, Jax.

Sun Kissed
Sun Kissed: Britlyn’s pick
Not the most practical swimming garment, but it sure looks pretty on our walls.
Silent Night
Silent Night: Lizzie's pick
Leave it to Lizzie (or Cait) to pick a holiday print.
Nesting Frida
Nesting Frida: Maggie’s pick
The detail in this one?! I mean come ON.
Moon Garden
Moon Garden: Cat + Kayla’s pick
I want to have a dinner party IN this print. You are all invited.
Pink Moon
Pink Moon: Juliann’s pick
If you're looking for me, I'm in this ^^ body of water taking a dip.

Sweet Life
Sweet Life: Jess B’s pick
If you're REALLY quiet, you can hear the leaves crunching in this one. 
Summer Breeze
Summer Breeze: Jen’s pick
You can't tell from the portrait, but she is wearing sunscreen; don't worry.
Under the Stars
Under the Stars: Claire’s pick
"Insert scary story to be told 'round a campfire."
Golden Hour
Golden Hour: Kimmie’s pick
If these colors don't feel like a warm hug, I don't know what will.

The Future Is Female
The Future is Female: Abbie’s pick
Fact. No follow-up questions or comments.
"My favorite thing about them is Vicki's artwork and showing people her videos of wiping all the pieces away after she photographs them and hearing them gasp." - Jess G. on Sister Golden

So many great choices, it’s imPOSSIBLE to choose. And you won’t have to after September 2022, when The Power of Flowers (Vicki’s book!) is released. All these prints–RIGHT in your grasp. Now tell us, which one of these ravishing prints speaks to you the most?!

Freeze frame. Record scratch. You’re probably wondering what ELSE are the “must-haves” from Sister Golden. There are 1,567+ items on this list, but we’ve narrowed it down to just a few of Brooke, Vicki, and Jess' faves. 

"My second favorite thing is Brooke’s aesthetic and talent for merchandising. Her store is BEAUTIFULLY curated and I'm inspired by every photo they share. Literally every photo. The basket wall in my dining room was my attempt to bring SG’s vibe into my home." - Jess G.
 Flip Flops Vintage Moroccan Rug
Flip Flops Vintage Moroccan Rug: Vicki’s pick
Literally trying to smuggle this one out of the store. 
 Butterscotch Vintage Moroccan Rug
Butterscotch Vintage Moroccan Rug: Brooke’s pick
A rug I can only describe as YUMMY. 
Handmade Wine Sipper
Handmade Wine Sipper: Vicki AND Brooke’s pick
What can I say, we’re all HUGE grape fans. 
Legendary Baskets
African Baskets: Jess' pick
How many of these basket beauties is too many? The limit does not exist.  
"My third favorite thing is their beautiful mother/daughter relationship. As a girl mom, I admire and respect that so much. I feel so honored that these talented women with impeccable taste found US and believed we'd be a worthy addition to their shop!" - Jess G.

Thank you Brooke + Vicki for your willingness to come on the pod, perseverance through some tech troubleshooting, AND your continued partnership with our brand. You make our hearts very happy, and we’re so inspired by what you do. Time to get our fall DC, WI road trip on the books…