Sam Slater's Seattle Select Suggestions

Sam Slater's Seattle Select Suggestions

This week on the pod, we had our FAVORITE West Coast creative, Sam Slater, on to talk all things Seattle and soldering. Sam is a creative mastermind, a skilled teacher, and a fellow coffee loyalist. When not tending to her beautiful garden, you can find her tinkering away in her own jewelry studio; creating stunningly unique designs. Shop her site here; please check out her Feels Like Velvet earrings (insert drool emoji).

Sam went above/beyond and brilliantly curated a list of must do's in the Evergreen State...and as a Seattle res for 20+ years--we absolutely trust her. @Sam, can we visit week?


EAT //

Humpty Dumpling

Overindulge in a Seattle delicacy–dumplings at Dough Zone.

Appreciate Small Plate Chefs

Embrace the farm to table atmosphere at restaurants like Autumn, Samara, Joule, Rupee, Homer and Westward.

Treat Yo’ Self

Find delicious vegan snacks and treats and the yummiest macarons in the world at Alexandras Macarons

Brady Brunch

Carve out time for the best brunch (Stone Burner) located in gorgeous Ballard.Seattle Delicacy - RupeeBallard, Washington


Syrup To No Good

Here’s a favorite that’s actually NOT just accessible in Washington. Check out my fave mixers from Portland SyrupsHere are some recipes I love: 

  1. South African mocktail: Steelworks: ⅔  soda water, ⅓ ginger ale, splash of bitters and a lime wedge.
  2. Ice, Mango Habanero Syrup and soda water. 
  3. Splash of grenadine, splash of Bird's eye chili simple syrup, cucumber slice, soda water and dash of ginger ale.
  4. Ice, ginger juice and soda water, lime.
  5. Fav non-alcoholic wine: "Eins Zwei Zero" Sparkling Riesling

As a side: my favorite glassware: Viski.


No Bad Coffee

Do you like good coffee? Then you’ll love Preserve and Gather, Anchored Ship, and Root (plants and coffee!!).Viski Glasses + Grenadine Drinks

DO //

Take Me To The Water

Putt around the water at a RAPID speed of 10 knots on an electric boat at South Lake Union. 

Hot Tub Time Machine Boat

Make some trouble and have some fun on a Hot Tub Boat–combining two activities that have no business being combined.

Ferry Godmother Knows Best

Hop on the Downtown Bainbridge Island Ferry and go explore an island by way of Puget Sound. 

The Market Is Good

Explore the Fremont Market, Ballard Market and other local maker markets in the area. Pike Place Market is on the water and has fish throwing. ;)Gasworks Park, Washington - Electric BoatDowntown Bainbridge Island FerryShop It Like It’s Hot

Peruse shops around town like Baleen and Venue, Station 7, Glasswing and the vintage mall in Fremont.

Need a Thrift?

Seattle has a thrifting and consignment SCENE. Some of Sam’s favorite women-owned consignment stores include Labels and Editor. Best thrifting is at the Ballard Goodwill

Hike On

Take advantage of the wilderness–explore the desert, the mountains, or the coast. Move Rattlesnake Lake to the TOP of your list. Lake Crescent and Gold Bar are less than 2 hours away and totally worth the drive.Hiking in Washingston State

Dreamy Day Trip.

Head to La Conner. Go via Bow Edison and Mount Vernon. Stop in Bow Edison and eat at Tweedy’s then check out the local galleries ESPECIALLY Smith and Vallee. Next go to Snowgoose Produce and Perry and Carlson in Mount Vernon, and lastly hit up Handmade La Conner, Winston’s General and eat dinner at Nell ThornHandmade La Conner, WASmith and Vallee, Perry and Carlson - WashingtonGoing Green

Take a trip to Christianson’s Nursery + Greenhouse in Skagit Valley for a wide variety of common and uncommon plants.Christianson's Greenery, Washington

Trip to Seattle next week then? What do you all think? I'll make the reservation at Rupee. Shout out to Sam for creating a fabulous rec list, and additional shout out to Seattle for...existing. <3