Jess's Summer Picks

Jess's Summer Picks
“What in the WORLD is Jess rocking right now for summer jewelry?” I ask myself as I awaken in a PANIC on a recent ninety degree summer night. Halfway through the month of June, and I still don’t know Jess’s recs for summer! Just me?? No need to wait a MINUTE longer. Jess’ picks are here –on this very page with us RIGHT now. Read on for the summer scoop. Speaking of scoops–ice cream in ten?

Jess wearing Annex studs.
Annex Studs: In celebration of the Annex 2-year anniversary (2 years already??) we’ve started wearing a pair in our first piercing AND a pair in our seconds. That’s double trouble right there and yet another sign for you to get your seconds pierced already (or thirds, fourths, fifths??). 
Sidebar and shameless Annex plug—THIS is the earring that doesn’t have backs you can lose. That’s right—just one less thing for you to worry about—you’re welcome, you’re welcome.
Jess wearing Dylan Chain Ring.
Dylan Chain Ring: Are we all partial to Dylan chain because it was our first statement chain and therefore has our hearts? Yes. Is it true that we haven’t taken this bold ring off since its launch? YES. Will Dylan forever have our hearts and receive nothing but heart emojis from the HA crew? ALSO YES. See also Dylan ChainDylan BraceletDylan Necklace, and a Bob Dylan image search for fun.
Jess wearing Cher bracelet.
Cher Bracelet: If Jess is derailing from her typical MAXIMALLY minimal style for a bracelet so bold, you know it’s good. After our recent revival of bracelets, this one has been a favorite among the rest. MIGHT that be because of some predetermined loyalty towards the legend that is Cher? Maybe. Was that the last hypothetical question I’m going to ask in this blog post? Impossible to say.
Jess wearing Cleo ring.
Cleo Ring:
 Cleo is a habit Jess G can’t quit and honestly...why would she want to–have you SEEN this ring? A ring we don’t recommend stacking, but we DO recommend trying on. User warning: if you’re anything like Jess, you will not take this QT off. 
Jess wearing Raising Wildflowers and Tag Necklace.
Raising Wildflowers + Tag Necklace combo: Ohhh Jess—this gal knows how to STACK ‘EM. Raising Wildflowers has been a staple adorning Jess’ neck since Mother’s Day…probably because of the copious amounts of love and adoration she has for her two lovely daughters (Hi Bella! Adalyn!). But also because this necklace stacks, like, REALLY well with many pieces in our collection. Also for those of you with an attention span long enough to get to this part, (any Gen Z’ers left? Do Gen Z’ers read blogs?) we DO have an exclusive chain coming soon [pictured with the Raising Wildflowers pendant on Jess]. SOON.
Jess wearing Swell Ring.

Swell Ring: Swell, well, well what do we have here?! Nothin’ but a simple ode to our love for ocean waves. Need we say more? Time for us to all go to the beach?

And of course, the outfit deets:
Heavyweight Tank from Free People
Sylva Gauze Pants from Z Supply
Stitch in Time Sling from Free People
Happiness Runs Long Crop from Free People

These are a FEW of Jess’ [current] favorite things. Not pictured: a body of water, iced lavender lattes, and hot + humid Fridays. We showed you ours, now show us YOURS! What are your faves to rock this summer?