Hello Adorn Style Edit: Hunter | @thegenderneutralcloset

Hello Adorn Style Edit: Hunter | @thegenderneutralcloset

Known for his way to seamlessly break down gender roles with his style, Hunter is much more than a pretty face. His style was something that stood out to me right away. I found myself being influenced to purchase so many of the things he would recommend. Let's find out a bit more about Hunter and everything he's currently loving!  

Hello Adorn takes on Pride Week, MN

Name: Hunter Glassheim 

Star Sign: Cancer Sun / Scorpio Moon / Libra Rising 

1. How long have you lived in the cities? 

I have only lived in the Twin cities for about two and a half months! I moved here from my hometown of Dickinson, North Dakota with my best friend of 6 years!
Hello Adorn takes on Pride Week, MN
2. Where is your favorite place to get coffee + what is your order? 
As someone who has worked as a barista for a few years in the past, I tend to be quite selective with my coffee shops. Since being in the Twin cities, I am still on the hunt for my favorite but have loved Amore Coffee in Saint Paul and Spyhouse Coffee in Minneapolis! My order varies between an Iced Vanilla Americano with a splash of oat milk or a tried and true Vanilla Oat Milk Latte (iced in the spring and summer and hot in the fall and winter). 
Hello Adorn takes on Pride Week, MN
3. Who is your biggest style Inspo/muse? This can also be an era instead of a person if you would like. 
For fashion and style inspiration, I have found myself pulling inspiration from Zoe Kravitz, various streetwear and everyday luxury influencers, and the one and only Danielle Piper! I find great interest in the anthropology of clothing and interiors and the relation to how one uses them, styles them, and lives with them in their daily lives so practicality and individualism are of high interest to me while pulling inspiration from people who inspire me! 

4. What are your top 3 favorite Instagram accounts you love to follow + why? 
Truthfully, this question is hard for me to answer because this changes almost weekly! 
Currently, I've been loving:

5. Best + Worst trends you're seeing right now?
Best: Pearls for the summer 
Worst: Low-rise denim!!

6. Favorite thing in your closet right now?
I recently started as a stylist at Aritzia so rightfully I'm having a moment and utilizing my resources (aka staff discount)!! My favorite and most worn garment at the moment has to be the Effortless 5" Trouser shorts. They can be dressed up with a blazer for work or dressed down with a graphic tee on the weekend! 
Hello Adorn takes on Pride Week, MN
6. What has been your favorite piece from our most recent collection?
Honestly, I fell in love with all of the pieces in the new unisex collection but the Finn Bracelet is particularly special! I love the way it adds interest to my wrist and it pairs beautifully with my favorite watch. I have yet to take any of it off since receiving my goodies! 

7. What would you say your biggest motivator is in your life? 
First and foremost, Myself. I try and stay true to my dreams and aspirations while supporting my loved ones. Otherwise, my Auntie is my number one supporter and motivates me to show up as myself and do the best that I can every day. 
Hello Adorn takes on Pride Week, MN
8. What does pride month mean to you?
Pride month means something different to everyone in the community but for me, it's about being true to myself and not letting others decide how I show up or what I wear or who I love. The freedom to show up as my authentic self is a privilege in the world we live in.

9. Words to live by?
How you do anything is how you do everything. 

10. When do you feel like your most authentic self?
Probably when I'm with my best friends, dressed to the nines, doing something we love!!
Hello Adorn takes on Pride Week, MN

If you don’t already, @thegenderneutralcloset on instagram is a must follow.