A Word From Adam

A Word From Adam
Father’s! Day! Week! We’re putting the spotlight on our resident “Rad Dad Gardner”. He’s the go-to ‘round the Hello Adorn team for advice, little nuggets of wisdom, and a pep talk whenever needed. Adam is the metaphorical Dad for this little community, and we’re all better because of it. He came on the pod this week to discuss life as a cool dad. Head on over to the Podcasts app/Spotify/wherever you listen to podcasts for the whole interview. If you don’t have time for that (we get it, you’re busy), here’s a short snippet of what’s to come! Rad Dad on 3; 1, 2, 3, RAD DAD.
Adam, Bella, and Adalyn
What was your proudest moment as a father?
You already know I’m not picking just one. Our girls are constantly making me proud with all the steps they’re taking through life. I’m just a very proud father in general, and I celebrate the little things as much as the big ones.
Adam, Adalyn, and Bella
What are the biggest life lessons you hope to pass on to your kiddos?
Be humble and kind.
Always tell people how you feel. Never assume anyone knows without hearing it directly and clearly from you.
Success is a journey, not a destination.
Adalyn and Bella
What does success as a dad look like to you?
A happy family that wants to spend time together and respectful and humble daughters.

What’s your favorite family tradition?
We don’t have a lot of traditions in the sense of holidays/birthdays because they always look a little different. However, two things I will always remember and cherish are family movie nights and lake days with just our crew.
Adam, Adalyn, Bella
What is the best thing you have found about being a parent?
An accelerated realization that it’s not all about me.
Adam, Adalyn, and Bella
What's one piece of practical advice you wish you knew sooner?
Don’t worry about the future so much. What we create in our minds rarely plays out in reality so just embrace each day that you get a chance to make the future brighter.
Adam, Adalyn, Bella
Favorite movie to watch as a family?
Polar Express on Christmas. I wanted to put this as a tradition but the girls lost interest in this one a few years back. 😀
Adam, Adalyn, and Bella
Favorite place to travel together? Favorite fam vacation?
Tough to pick one so I’m going to cheat and say anywhere in the mountains or at the ocean. Favorite vacay is a toss up between our first trip to Mexico with the girls and our Maui trip. If you only give me one–I’ll probably say Maui. 😀
Adalyn and BellaFavorite song to play when you’re all together?
To The Guys That Date My Girls (Thomas Rett) and Driver’s License (Olivia Rodrigo)
Adam, Adalyn, Bella
Describe your fathering style in three words.
Loving, guidance, awareness
Adam, Adalyn, Bella
Best Father’s Day gift you’ve ever received?
Homemade cards–write something out.
Adam, Adalyn, and Bela
What are three things in your dad starter pack?
Good pillow, strong streaming subscription (HBO Max, Hulu), and a solid playlist.
Adam, Adalyn, and Bella
If you know him, you LOVE him, and if you don’t know him–you will PROBABLY meet him in your lifetime because this guy is SOCIAL and could talk to you about anything. Happy Father’s Day to Adam and all the dads (actual, honorary, plant, etc)! We’re thankful for ya. <3