Goldie’s First Summer

Goldie’s First Summer

Goldie, our ‘72 Sierra Gold Volkswagen van, had her first summer with us. And let us tell YOU, it was a summer to remember. She made an appearance at five different locations throughout the Eau Claire area to provide Endless Bracelet pop-ups! 

Stop 1: Blue Ox Music Festival

This was Goldie’s first Hello Adorn event, and she fit right in with the festival goers. With a banjo picking in the background, rainfall a time or two, and towering pines surrounding the site– Blue Ox was a perfect hang for Goldie. Bracelets were named after some of our favorite artists' songs like “Cowboy Candy” by Charlie Crockett, “Southern Flavor” by Kyle Tuttle, and “Speed Queen” by The Foxgloves.Goldie at Blue Ox Music Festival

Stop 2: Kayla + Sam’s Wedding!

Goldie is a proper wedding guest and brings the BEST gifts! Kayla, our assistant manager here, got married and threw the most magical party of the summer. Guests were able to bounce from the dance floor, to the dessert table, and then to Goldie for an Endless Bracelet. They even named the bracelets differently in silver and gold to highlight the differences that they love so much about each other like Night Owl + Early Bird, Sun Tan + Sun Burn, and Sweet + Salty. 

Goldie on the Road at Kayla and Sam's Wedding

Stop 3: Country Jam

This was by far Goldie's busiest weekend of the summer. Bracelets and anklets were non-stop! The crew had an incredible view of the stage and definitely dressed the part – boots, hats and cutoff denim aplenty. Bracelets were again named after our favorite country songs being performed: “Sippin Sunsets” by Locash, “Shotgun Rider” by Tim Mcgraw, and “Somewhere On a Beach” by Dierks Bentley. 

Stop 4: Sounds Like Summer

If you’re an Eau Claire local, you’ve probably heard of the Sounds Like Summer Concert Series in Phoenix Park! Goldie snuggled up to the iconic red Volume One van, and provided Endless Bracelets. A massive crowd was drawn due to a local band, Pit Wagon, which was a great turn out for Goldie!  

Goldie on the Road at Hello Adorn

Stop 5: Eau Claire Fall Festival

The Eau Claire Fall Festival takes over all of Barstow Street in downtown EC! Luckily, our Flagship store is right in the middle of it all! We parked Goldie right out front to provide an Endless pop-up for festival goers. There was music, food, and tons of retail pop-ups throughout the streets of downtown. Goldie fit right in, and provided a fun little pop of color throughout the scene. 

Have any questions about how Goldie was refurbished? Read this blog: Goldie: what the “motor head” in your life needs to know!

She’ll have a lot to reminisce about throughout her hibernation this winter, and more to look forward to for next summer!! Looking to rent Goldie for next season? Check out the deets here!Author of Hello Adorn Blogs, Claire Parker