Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide
Here’s a gentle nudge reminding you that Mother's Day is 22 days away. If your love language is giving gifts, peruse our list of mom-approved Mother's Day gifts and start shoppin’. Even if your love language isn’t gift giving, moms’ language IS acknowledgement in SOME capacity from her kiddos. Here’s 10 ideas to show Mom just how much you mean to her. 
Three plants sitting on stair banister.
New plant. My mom raised me, so I know she’ll have NO trouble raising a fiddle leaf fig (anyone else have trouble keeping those buggers alive?). Mother's Day falls right at the start of spring, so we’re all excited about new growth and spending some time in greenhouses. Pick out a cute pot to pair with said plant and include a card that metaphorically ties the new plant’s growth to motherhood. Or just the plant is fine too.
Sally Hansen nail polish sitting on a table.
Pedicure. Wrapping up a pedicure voucher just before sandal (and anklet!) season kicks off is a bulletproof way to become the favorite child. This treat also forces mom to carve out time just for herself and take an hour long vacay away from being an absolute boss. 
Two hands holding to-go coffee cups.
A day trip. Clear her calendar (and yours!) of all responsibility and replace with a day of hiking, shopping, relaxing, coffees, or whatever her jam is. Maybe it’s literally jam making together. 
Gallery wall of photos.
Gallery wall of photos. If the mom figure in your life is anything like mine, she doesn’t know how to get the photos from her phone into print form. Do the hard part for her by printing and framing a couple photos of her favorite moments or memories. I’ve got ten photos of just myself that I know she’ll absolutely LOVE seeing in 24” x 36” form.
Gardner family photo from the fall.
Family photo shoot. If you don’t have ten photos of yourself to fill the gallery wall, book a family photo shoot with your entire clan. We don’t always pause long enough to document our lives–especially in coordinated Canadian jumpsuits or matching white polos. Gifting this annually is a memorable way to document every year because those years…they! go! fast!
Two to-go containers of food and coffees.
Lunch/dinner out to eat. Give the gift of YOUR time. We love this as a gift option for the mom that truly has everything. It’s no secret that moms love quality time with their kiddos. Bonus kid points if you make the meal yourself! Negative points if that meal is mac’n’cheese with cut-up hot dogs.
Woman holding bottle of red wine.
Bottle of wine–or any fun bev.  Whether it’s vino, a growler from your local brewery, a gallon of kombucha, a loose leaf tea assortment, or some fancy whole bean coffee, nothing says I love you like multiple beverage options. 


Woman holding cucumbers over her eyes.

Massage/spa gift card. Another great option for the mom in your life that has it all. Show some love for your local spa AND lovely mama by gifting her 60 minutes of tranquility.

Flat lay of gold jewelry.

Jewelry. Without getting TOO sales-y, we have to remind you (dear readers!) that we are a jewelry shop with PLENTY of pieces mom will love. We did some of the work for you already by creating a Mother's Day collection. Shop it (or don’t), we’re just happy you’re here.   

Homemade Mothers' Day card assortment.  


A really sweet, heartfelt card. Never underestimate the power of a kind message to mom. It seems so simple and insignificant, but in the era of “things will slow down next week” we often forget to remind our people how much they mean to us. Source some white cardstock, a couple of markers/pens, and pour your heart out to mom. **googles “how to thank my mom for everything she’s ever done”**.

If you do NOTHING else for Mother's Day, please send the woman (or women) that made/shaped you into who you are a text; reminding them of their significance. Moms are the bosses of the world, and we would be lawless (and unsure of how to do basically everything) without them. If my mom ever sent me an invoice for her services, I would LITERALLY not be able to pay for the support and services she’s provided. @Mom will you PLEASE delete that open Venmo request? 

This one’s for you moms–you made us, you shaped us, AND you tolerated our dreadful teenage years. Thanks for loving us unconditionally. Happy Mother's Day!