Hello Mamas Part II - Lau + Rich Mom Photo Dump

Hello Mamas Part II - Lau + Rich Mom Photo Dump

If you are dying to see some of the visuals that were described in the latest episode of the podcast, you came to the right place:

Mama Michelle, mother of Lau:

And the Lau section:

The famous birthday party: Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse

Future so bright, Lau has to wear sunglasses at night and inside on Christmas morning.
Off to report on the news? A mic in that bag?
The music is in you, Lau
Legendary Pink Pig
Elizabeth Porter, mother of Rich
The legendary duck, in the prime if its life, before going on to become "Dead Duck"
New mom, Elizabeth
Elizabeth and her son, Rich, looking very broey...
Elizabeth and her famous monkey bread
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