Hello Adorn Presents: Jewelry & Stuff (..it's a podcast)

Hello Adorn Presents: Jewelry & Stuff (..it's a podcast)


You read right. Hello Adorn has launched our podcast: Jewelry & Stuff. But why launch a podcast? What’s it going to be about? Who is on it? How long is it? Is it true crime? Okay, so there are some questions. We have some answers. Let’s get into it:

Why a podcast?

In short, we have an unbelievable community of customers, stockists, well-wishers, team members, and more. To date, we do basically all of our sharing via social and email. And that’s been great. But there is so much that people ask and share with us that deserves more attention. There’s so much that our team and others in the Hello Adorn orbit that need more of a spotlight. These topics and conversations are best heard, not read. So, podcast it is. Plus, our team is composed of insatiable podcast addicts. So is this by us for us? Maybe. But you’re welcome along if the shoe (or earrings) fits.

What is it about?

What isn’t it about? Okay okay that’s not an answer. Jewelry & Stuff, as the name would suggest, is about jewelry. New designs, what pieces people are obsessed with at the moment, tips on combinations and looks, seasonal recs, customer questions, review call-outs, and more. “Stuff” pretty much covers everything else. That could be anything from talking to Jess about her obsession with silk dusters to Adam telling us about his previous life as an insurance guy. It could be a discussion about International Women’s Day or a rabid debate about where cashews fall on the nut ranking. It might be someone defending the idea that ketchup and peanut butter go together or how we practice the pursuit of happiness. It’s pretty Outback Steakhouse around here (ie “no rules, just right). Will it all be related to jewelry? Not always. But stories will be told, reveals will be dropped, and, yes, jewelry will be discussed at (chain) length. Forced that one a bit…

Lau Richards, one of the hosts of Hello Adorn's podcast: Jewelry & Stuff

Who’s on it?

The show is hosted by Lau Richards, Hello Adorn’s GM, happiness engine, and pure delight along with me, Rich Porter, digital marketer / analyst and general talks-a-lot guy. Some weeks there will be guests. Those will range from Hello Adorn team members like owners Jess and Adam, makers, fulfillment and inventory specialists, customer care specialists, and members of the content team to retail stockists to people we adore, like Gabe, our UPS driver. And TBD! We can’t wait for that one. Long story short, it is going to be a stocked pond of current fan favorites and soon to be’s. 

How long is it?

Each ep will range from 45 minutes to 1 hour plus. It’ll be broken up into sections (loosely) in case you like your audio media in bite size chunks. But if you are like us and love a good hour plus pod that hits a few areas, no buttons necessary. Maybe you will be here for the recurring segments like “Name That Piece” in which our guest (or Lau) gets to hear a real customer review about a piece of Hello Adorn jewelry and then has to guess what piece a reviewer is talking about. It is either way easier or way harder than you think. For example, one of the reviews simply read “GREAT!”. I know, so obvious right? Maybe you’re more of a “Defend Or Tell” fan, a segment where a guest chooses door A or B and has to either tell a story based on a prompt we’ve been loaded up with by someone close to them OR defend a controversial stance. Like a recent ep where someone had to defend the stance that hot fruit in all its forms (we’re talking pie, pastries, etc.) is disgusting. Still not over it. Or maybe you’re more in for deeper dives into people’s stories, what they are into, nonsense banter, or all of the above. We’re not here to tell you what to do.

How often will it be coming out and where?

It’ll be dropping every Wednesday onto all your favorite podcast platforms. We’re talking Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pocket Casts, Google Podcasts, Audible, Stitcher, PodSmasher, CastAPodder, Catch A Pod, StreamPod, and the rest. Yes, most of those are made up (Google Podcasts, can you imagine?). But it is just a matter of time before they exist.
Is it a true crime podcast? Not yet. And we sincerely hope it stays that way. But obviously these stories all start with an unsuspecting group of people, and we are that. What they didn’t know, what they COULDN’T have known, was…(stay tuned). However, like many true crime podcasts, we can also offer unresolved endings in many cases. So basically the same.

In short, the podcast is more of Hello Adorn and some sides you haven’t seen before. If you are here for that, then we adore you. And if you aren’t, we still adore you, but respect that boundary. Good for you. 


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