Hello Adoring: Jess' Picks

Hello Adoring: Jess' Picks

When Jess likes something, we usually all follow suit—see product listing “Tiny Twists”. This week on the p’dcast, we learned all about Jess’ current faves. Direct your ears to the pod if you’d like to find out what type of muffin mix Jess refuses to travel without (we repeat, absolutely REFUSES to travel without). If you’re not looking to devote one hour of your attention to Jewelry + Stuff (we get it, you’ve got places to BE!), please just read Jess’ review of what we should ALL be into at the moment.  

**hands mic over to Jess**


Jess wearing terracotta-colored shirt holding an iced coffee in front of plant.

Maple vanilla mochas: I’ve never met a sweet coffee drink I didn’t LOVE, and this MVM (my MVP) is no exception. I was hooked when I first tried this liquid gold at Ozo coffee shop in Boulder, and now if I see it on ANY coffee shop menu…it’s an automatic “add-to-cart”. 


Jess standing in front of mural in terracotta shirt.

The color “terracotta”: If I am a color, I gotta be ‘cotta. And if you think loving terracotta is wrong then you’re probably not reading this because it’s all over our brand and to love HA is to love this warm, brown-orange hue. It’s earthy, it’s inviting, it’s yummy. @Stanley could we get this in the queue as a potential mug color?? 


Jess holding stack of books on lap.

Reading ANYTHING, but especially Colleen Hoover at the moment: I haven’t been this excited about an author/book since reading Jessica Simpson’s “Open Book”. Don’t you dare judge until you’ve given that page turner a decent chance. :) My Hoover rec at the moment is “Verity”. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a copy, do yourself a favor and clear the schedule for the next 24 hours as you get lost in the depths of Lowen, Jeremy, and Verity’s drama. 


Checkered vans and black jeans on Jess sitting in chair.

High rise ankle length jeans with sneakers: My ankles have never met a temp they couldn’t tolerate. And I live in Wisconsin, so they’ve been exposed to some F-R-I-G-I-D temps. I truly don’t know if I’ve ever completely covered them? I guess the 3 times I’ve worn winter boots in the last 5 years. I might go so far to say if your ankles still have full feeling, you’re doing it WRONG. 


Jess holding Jiggy puzzle on couch.

Jiggy Puzzles: When I’m in puzzle mode, I'm all puzzle all the time. I can’t let it sit on my coffee table unfinished for long. My personality: majored in Type A and minored in OCD. :) My faves is Jiggy Puzzle. We love to support a female-founded and carbon neutral-company with a passion for art and aesthetic. If you’re an EC local, pick one (or two - they’re addicting!) up at our retail store next time you come through!


Jess playing Worldle on iPhone.

Wordle: I used to say don’t TALK to me until I’ve had my first sip of coffee. Now, I say don’t even breathe the same AIR as me until I’ve finished Wordle. Then we’ll talk about our coffee plan. @Adam understands this. It’s how our marriage works.


 Jess wearing silk duster. Jess wearing silk duster. Jess wearing silk duster.

Silk dusters: One of our stockists, Sister Golden in Fish Creek, WI, releases these one-of-a-kind, recycled silk dusters on occasion and let me tell you–these are drops you DON’T want to miss. I wear mine with jeans + a tank in the summertime or as a swimsuit coverup. Sister Golden curates the most beautiful things so adding something from their shop to my favorites is a no-brainer. 


 Jess wearing earrings.  Jess wearing earrings.  Jess wearing earrings.

Ear Party: Ain’t no party like an HA ear party cause an HA ear party don’t stop. Seriously - they never stop. We like to stack em up around here! We joke that the HA employee starter pack includes a Stanley mug, partial sleeve botanical/floral tattoo (real or temporary), more rings on your fingers than you started with, and a visit to Liss and Lau’s Lobes for a second or third piercing (or fourth, fifth, sixth, etc). There’s just too many options for one single piercing!


Jess flashin' peace signs in Hello Adorn entrance.

White nail polish: I judge Lau for eating plain vanilla ice cream (who wouldn’t - it’s boring, like practically flavorless), but a plain vanilla nail polish–now THAT I can get behind. My personal fave is OPI’s Funny Bunny, but if that isn’t available, I also go for bone, glacier, moonstone, teeth, white bean, rice, albino squirrel, or whole milk. :)

That’s all for now. Coming up next: 10 Things I’m Not Vibing With Right Now (preview: vanilla ice cream and socks). I’m sending it back your way–what are YOUR top recs at the moment?