The Jess Test

The Jess Test

Jewelry + Stuff invited two VERY special Gen Z’ers on the p’dcast for Part II of our Mother’s Day mega-sode. (you can listen here). Bella and Adalyn sacrificed 60 minutes of their late-teen COVETED social time to answer some Jess-related questions. They kept us laughing throughout the entirety, but our fave segment was "The Jess Test”. We asked both ladies several questions about Jess’ faves, and then brought Jess herself on the pod to hear her honest answers. For the amount of pressure that Rich and Lau put on Bella and Adalyn–they knocked it out of the PARK (an 86% grade to be exact).

And now, The JESS TEST: 

One food that she never gets tired of? ✅
Bella/Adalyn answer: Sushi
Jess answer: Sushi

Sushi on a plate.

Artist that she’s seen the most in concert? ✅
B/A: Nathan guy
J: Nathaniel Rateliff

Jess and Adam at Red Rocks. Jess and Adam at Red Rocks.

Most worn piece of clothing in her closet? ✅
B/A: Light wash Agolde jeans with holes in the knees
J: Light wash jeans with holes

Jess; mirror selfie.

Most frequented EC restaurant? ❌
B/A: Akame
J: ECDC? Ninja. Fuji?

Favorite place she’s ever been? ✅
B/A: Cabo
J: Cabo

Cabo, Mexico

What is her biggest pet peeve? ✅ 😱
B/A: When people wear socks and sandals.
J: Socks paired with sandals.

What’s Jess’ current go-to coffee order? ✅
B/A: Brown sugar oatmilk shaken espresso
J: Brown sugar oatmilk shaken espresso

Coffee on brick background.

Congrats Bella, Adalyn, and Jess! You’re ALL winners in our games here. 🥇 This is just the SMALLEST taste of all the mega goodies tucked into this week’s episode of Jewelry + Stuff. Listen to the whole thing TODAY!