Meet the Mamas

Meet the Mamas

Whether you're a New, Grand, Minimalist, Bold, Dog, Plant, Trying, Loving, Laughing, Crying, or Honorary Mama (and everywhere in between)--this one goes out to YOU. Mother’s Day is but a DAY…let’s be real though–y’all superheroes deserve an entire month. And this whole month is exactly the attention we’re commanding because we couldn’t do it without you. Frankly, we wouldn’t BE here without you. Read on for an homage to our four main MAMA personas (New, Grand, Minimalist, and Bold), the selection of jewelry we’ve curated for these leading ladies, and their honest answers to some difficult questions.

Triptych of Minimalist Mama, Liss

No hassle, no fuss, easy on, and maybe not as easy off (we need jewelry that’s yank proof people!). That’s the name of YOUR jewelry game. We’re talking jewelry that’s as simple and low key as your parenting style. 

Hello Adorn Minimalist Mama: Lissa

Best Mother’s Day gift you’ve ever gotten: Being a mom 😏 OR…a massage.

Mom splurge you can’t live without: My powers tools for DIY projects (ex: Bentley’s bookshelves, his closet shelves, feature walls) or Britax car seats 

Jewelry recommendations: Symbolic Dot Necklace, Solitaire Necklace, Herra Chain, Stevie Chain Bracelet, Signet Ring, Teeny Tiny Band, Tiny Hoops 

Triptych of Minimalist Mama, Liss.

If you could choose one piece of advice that truly sticks for your child, what would it be?
Lissa: His manners and being respectful to people…no matter how disrespectful someone is to him. The pleases and thank yous are very important to me. 

When parenting is tough, what mantra do you return to?
L: Stay positive. Be methodical, not reactive.

What’s something that surprises you as a parent?
L: Nothing surprises me anymore. He is something else. He does something, and I’m like–how do you know this already?? He picks things up faster than I could tell him how to do it. Also–his STORIES. I often wonder HOW he comes up with some of the anecdotes that come from his mouth. 

What’s a food you give your kid that you actually really love yourself?
L: B is like a garbage. He eats everything. So instead of telling you foods that I actually love, these are his faves that I personally can’t STAND: black olives, cottage cheese and pickles. 

What’s one thing you swear by as a parent? 
L: Trust yourself. Know that everyone has their own way of doing things and no one way is the RIGHT way. 

Triptych of Bold Mama, Juliann.

Fearless and flawless. The mom that’s not choosing function over fashion because you can, in fact, have both. 

Hello Adorn Bold Mama: Juliann

Must haves: Snacks, extra clothes/diapers in the car, and a whole lotta grace

Best MD gift: always homemade crafts from the kiddos

Mom Splurge: Bob Jogger Stroller - even if you’re not a runner, this is the BEST stroller for parks, fairs, everyday walks, hikes, etc!

Jewelry recommendations: MAMA Satellite Necklace, Blair Necklace, Bold Herra Necklace, Solitaire Necklace, Dylan Chain, Stevie Chain, Lace Chain, Signet Ring, Cigar Band, Bubble Band, Annex Studs, and Mini Annex Studs

Triptych of Bold Mama, Juliann.

What was your proudest moment as a mother?
Juliann: When my son won the bookmark challenge at school for Library Week last year in Kindergarten. He created a bookmark with puzzle piece shapes symbolizing “connection”. He remembers winning last year, so the bookmark project this year was a bit nerve-racking, trying to live up to last year’s accomplishment.

What’s something you’ve seen other kids do, that makes you think “I hope my kids NEVER do that".
J: The obvious…pick their noses, wipe their hands on their pants, tantrums in public. But all kids do that. Truly though, I hope my kids never exclude others, are always observant and have warm, inviting hearts and reach out to include kids who tend to be quieter, more shy, and timid. My kids are pretty shy at first so they understand the discomfort of a new environment. 

What’s the biggest challenge of being a mom?
J: There’s a fine line between being nurturing and sensitive to being disciplined, consistent and holding them accountable for their actions and manners. Also balance and finding the time to do it all. It’s challenging to balance schoolwork with extracurricular activities. We want our kids to excel at everything, but it’s a very fine line of running them ragged versus just letting them be little. As moms, we want to do it all and give our kids nothing but the best. But sometimes cereal for dinner just HAS to happen.

Describe your ideal hang with your kids.
J: The kids would sleep past 6:30am! Buuuut really: a slow Saturday, pancakes and bacon for breakfast, and cuddles on the couch. They then get dressed THEMSELVES without me nagging. We’d pack up the car and head to the beach. Play in the water, sand castles, pack a picnic lunch. Vitamin D, the water, and content kiddos…nothing is better.

What’s a food you give/gave your kids that you said you’d never give them?
J: Poptarts

What’s one thing you swear by as a parent? 
J: Keep them busy and articulate your expectations/plans. For instance, after picking them up from school, I tell them what we have planned for the night (about 4x in the car)--sporting events or heading home for homework/dinner/baths. The same goes for playgrounds, errands, tablet time, etc. Communicate to them how long we will be at the park, remind them we only have X amount of time left, 5 minutes left, 3 minutes left… and so on. I’ve done this since they were babies and they rarely have meltdowns leaving places or turning off screens.

Triptych of New Mama, Savannah

So MUCH love to give, and so LITTLE time to bother taking jewelry on and off. We chose pieces that we always keep on for this special Mama.

Hello Adorn New Mama: Savannah

Mom must haves: Nosefrida, electric nail trimmer, and a car camera instead of the mirrors. That’s about it. Babies don’t need a whole lot, and it will be different for everyone.

Best Mother’s Day gift I’ve ever gotten: An image of the constellations in the sky on the night that Jett was born.

Mom splurge you can’t live without: The most expensive thing I’ve gotten since becoming a mom that I would do 100 times over mini van. I’m still a cool mom.

Jewelry recommendations: MAMA Square Necklace, Dandelion Puff Necklace, Herra Necklace, Confetti Choker, Atlas Choker, Signet Ring, Ray Ring, Rise Ring, Willie Ring, and Tiny Dot Studs

Triptych of New Mama, Savannah

What’s the most memorable part of your childhood that you want to recreate for the new bebe?
Savannah: My mom made every holiday special and memorable. She focused on the big ones like Easter, Christmas, Halloween, but also shone some light on lesser known holidays like Sweetest Day. I’m supposed to celebrate that day with my husband since his birthday is Valentine’s Day, and we always forget that it even comes around until I get a card from my mom. She STILL sends me a card on Sweetest Day…I’m almost 30! I want to make those special memories with my boys.

How did you come up with the new baby’s name? What were some contenders that didn’t make the cut?
S: In high school one of my teachers had a baby boy named Jett. I have loved the name ever since. I also really love the letter “J” and planned on the nickname “J” if we ever had a kid that started with that letter. Don’t ever plan on calling Jett “J” now, but shout out to Mr. and Mrs. Keeton for the GREAT name pick. 

Baby boy number 2 currently does not have a name. We have a few picked out but we struggle with boy names. My husband is a big guy and Jett is already following suit and very tall so I don’t want a name that isn’t going to fit them when they are grown men as well.

What’s something you’ll restrict the baby on?
S: We really only give Jett (and plan on doing the same thing with baby) water and milk. We call ourselves the boring parents but it’s really all he needs right now. When we need to be reminded of how cool we are and how much he loves us, we will give him some Sprite or root beer for special occasions.

What’s a parenting style you’d like to emulate?
S: This may be too technical of an answer, but we use more of an authoritative parenting approach. You can have all these ideas of what you want to be as parents, but for us it truly comes down to what works best for our family and taking one day at a time. You never know what to expect and what is going to work until you do some trial and error. All I know is that my kids will never question if they are loved.

What part of parenting are you most excited about?
S: I love seeing who they are, what they look like, and what personality they will have. I look at these tiny humans and see myself and the love of my life in them; we created these precious little monsters and I just think that is so amazing. Such a cliche answer, but I love watching them grow. They start out as tiny little blobs that you love so much but have to do everything for and so quickly become their own independent little selves. Watching Jett grow and learn has been my favorite, and although I want time to slow down, I can’t wait to see him grow more.

What’s a food you give/gave your kids that you actually really love yourself?
S: All the fun things! I don’t feel like we were restricted growing up, but I find myself buying things like certain fruit snacks or snacks that I didn’t have growing up that I want now. Then I tell myself I could’ve been buying these for myself my entire adult life!

What’s one thing you swear by as a parent? 
S: Nosefrida! My sister in law told me about this and I said absolutely not. That seems like the most disgusting thing ever. I now tell every parent that they need it. Nothing works like it and it truly isn’t that disgusting….only slightly. Advice I live by is do what works best for you and your family. You are the mom that your kids need, you don’t need to be like anyone else.

Triptych of Grand Mama, Marla

The Grand Mama knows how to get it DONE and has likely seen it all; we know she has stories to tell. 

Hello Adorn Grand Mama (or “Nana” to grandson Bentley): Marla

Mom must haves: 1. Coffee. My drink is an espresso frappucino, with three shots of blonde roast, four shots of coffee base, six shots of frappe base, breve, whip cream and cinnamon on top. Want me to repeat that for you? 
2. Good friends and a strong support system.
3. Beautiful jewelry–it allows me to always look put together even in sweats!  

Best Mother’s Day gift I’ve ever gotten: Bentley made me a cutting board with his handprints. Ultimately the best gift though is spending time with my kids.

Mom splurge you can’t live without: My first pair of Birkenstocks.

Jewelry recommendations: Linked Necklace, Bold Herra Necklace, Raising Wildflowers Necklace, Stevie Chain, Sonny Choker, Wrap Ring, Valley Trio, and Tiny Horseshoe Earrings

Triptych of Grand Mama, Marla

What is one piece of advice you gave your teenage kids? 
Marla: If nothing else sticks, I want them to understand the importance of treating others well, being compassionate, and ultimately being yourself. 

What’s the first word that comes to mind when you hear the names of each of your kids and grandkiddo? 
M: Ty–favorite (funny)
Trey–strong-willed (pain in my butt) ;) 
Liss–perfectionist (beautiful)
Bentley–oh, Bentley (daredevil)

What does being a mom mean to you? 
M: Everything. No other words needed. My life wouldn't be complete if I wasn't a mom.

What’s something you do for your grandkiddo that you didn’t do for your kids? 
M: I let Bentley color all over kitchen cabinets–I didn’t want to stifle his creativity. My kids would’ve never gotten away with that same level of artistic expression.

What’s a food you give/gave your kids that you actually really love yourself? 
M: Steak.

You raised us and you loved us (unconditionally) when you really didn't even have a choice. Special shout out to every single woman out there in some stage of motherhood, and special thanks to Liss, Juliann, Savannah, and Marla for major participation points. We owe it all to you Mamas. Happy Mother’s Day!