How I Self Care ♡

How I Self Care ♡

a few of my favorite ways practice self care

I like to think of self care as ways I thank my body for putting up with my mind and ways I thank my mind for putting up with my body. And I never feel guilty for doing any and all of these things if I feel the need. Maybe that makes me spoiled or selfish. And actually I’m here for a little bit of both. I deserve it. And so do you!

1. 15 minutes of silence in front of the fireplace

2. Set aside an entire day to get completely wrapped up in a book

3. Binge a TV series that everyone is talking about

4. Get a mani and/or pedi

5. Make time to create

6. Get a massage

7. Book a staycation at a local boutique hotel

8. Practice yoga

9. Get a day pass at the spa (even without a service - just use the steam room and the relaxation lounge!)

10. Make coffee dates with friends

11. Solo travel or hike

12. Chocolate :)


I want to know, how do you practice self-care? Tag us in your self-care rituals on instagram. Let's keep this list growing!