Happiness at Hello Adorn

Happiness at Hello Adorn
We all have ways of finding happiness in our daily lives. In honor of International Day of Happiness, we asked our employees their secret to finding little bite-sized nuggets of happiness on the reg. Take a page from their book, and then send us YOUR ideas of how to instill joy into life. 

What is mine? Water therapy. Get this gal to a POOL…or beach, or lake, or river. I have a hard time totally unplugging, but once my skin hits sand or water–my out of office reply automatically turns on. - Jess
Hello Adorn Happiness


Throw a party for something silly. Tiktok said it best–you have to learn to romanticize your life. Appreciate and draw attention to the everyday moments we tend to take for granted.


Start the day off with a meditative walk. Dog optional, but HIGHLY encouraged. I spend the first thirty minutes of everyday, outside, without my phone (usually), walking 1.5 miles around the block. It’s a great way to recall all my dreams, replay every embarrassing moment in my life to date, amp myself up for the coming day, and tell my puppy how amazing he is–Gilly thinks so too.


Watch a comfort movie. Tommy Boy and Black Sheep bring me NEXT level laughter. I’ve seen both movies enough times that I already know what shenanigans Tommy Callahan is going to get into, but I think I laugh harder each time I watch.

abbie f.

Going to get a coffee and making a whole trip out of it. Iced coffees can be expensive, but you cannot put a price on the joy that boutique coffee brings me.

abbie s.

Visit or call my grandparents. Everyone knows I’ll ditch anything and anyone for my grandparents–they’re my TRUE ride or dies. Drop your name below if you want an invite to our next Red Lobster hang.


Hold things loosely. I’m my happiest, most grounded self when I deflect instead of absorb bad energy. MUCH easier said than done, but when the world is feeling weighty, it’s a good reminder to not hold onto any one thing too tight.


Call my mom. I call my mom 3x/day, and give her a little lightning fast catch-up of my day. In the same way that some use journals to reflect on moments throughout their days, I use my all-star listening, no-judgment zone, incredible mother. Shoutout to MOMS!


Hang with my dogs. Puppy snuggles melt the weight of the world right away. One moment I’m stressing, and the next, I’m staring straight into Oakley’s eyes wondering how I am able to love that little creature so much.


Cry/sleep/laugh on a regular basis. Everyone knows the importance of regular sleep, so I won’t justify why that’s necessary. Regular crying on the other hand gets a more stigmatized reputation and has JUST as many health benefits. Open the flood gates people.


Be active. I religiously start the morning with a gym workout. From the introspective drive there at 5am, to the social interactions with my fellow gym rats, to the actual, cathartic release of a hard workout–it’s not tricky to see why I like to begin my day here.


Start the day from my front porch. Prior to morning madness ensuing, I take a ten minute moment soaking up some tranquility on the front porch…at least until my son, husband, or dog come beckoning for me.


Disc golf with some pals. If you’re good at something, never do it for free…and that’s why I only disc golf as a hobby. It’s a great way to get outside, be active, and hang with buddies. Catch you at Mount Simon on any day over 50 degrees?!


Spend time with B. My son is my first, second, and third priority. Seeing the world through his eyes is a solid reminder of what’s important to direct attention towards. Be more like B.

jess b.

Paint my nails a fun color. I swear by this simple little self care regimen. It’s hard to NOT be happy when your nail polish colors are named things like: Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around, Withstands the Test of Thyme, and Toucan Do It If You Try.


Spend time in the sun. Vitamin D aka Vitamin Delicious is nature’s therapist, and a long walk on a sunny day is a tried and true way to get just what the doctor ordered.


Do something creative with my hands. I rarely meet a hobby I don’t like. Taking moments to be creative is not only therapeutic, it’s also a cool way to turn something into some THING. I do the walking, and my sturdy Singer does the talking.


Family dinners. My family is moving TWO million miles a minute, so I prioritize family dinners above all else as an opportunity to take a beat as a fam unit. Shoutout to my hubby aka the best cook in the biz.
The world can feel so heavy at times. It’s important to remind ourselves of all the little ways we can make our days just a miniscule pion better. The world is at its best when we help each other out, and before that can happen, we’ve gotta ensure that we’re our best selves. Think about what makes you happy, now go take ten minutes to DO IT.