Getting To Know Hello Adorn Owners Jess + Adam

Getting to know the owners of Hello Adorn, a handmade jewelry company in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

If you’re reading this, it probably isn’t your first introduction to owners Jess + Adam.

You may already know that they traded their corporate careers for their biggest little dream: creating Hello Adorn. You may know that they are no stranger the hashtag #relationshipgoals by those that know them (or don’t). You may even know about their reputations as best bosses and coolest parents. But do we really know Jess & Adam? Let’s see if we can learn a little bit more...


Favorite type of food?

Is Asian too broad? Cuz I like it all. If I had to narrow that down I’d say Japanese.

Favorite musical artist?

Nathaniel Rateliff

Favorite brand?

Free People. They get it.

Favorite movie?

Under the Tuscan Sun. An incredibly underrated rom-com.

Favorite TV show?

Cougar Town. I love friends, but maybe Courtney Cox’s best work? 

Favorite thing to do while on vacation?

Visit the local coffee shops. You can learn so much about a place this way and there are gems basically everywhere if you look.

Beach or Mountains?


Favorite sport/game to play?

Flip cup? Which is problematic since I don’t drink, but I am a strong player (as long as someone can drink for me)

Favorite sport/game to watch?

Volleyball. Luckily our daughters have given us plenty of quality volleyball to watch over the years.

What was the last show you binged on Netflix?

Squid Games.

If you could change your name, what would it be?

Kelly Kapowski. If you’re a Xennial you know why. 

If you had to choose to live without one of your five senses, which one would you give up?

It would be between smell and taste. I think smell. But can you even taste if you can’t smell? So maybe then I’d be giving up both. So taste then? #overthinker

What's one thing your mother/father taught you that completely changed your life?

Life is short. Don’t wait to live it.


Now, the big ones:

What can you always beat Adam at?

Leg wrestling. He doesn’t have a chance

What can Adam always beat you at?

Ping pong. Not even a competition



Meet Adam

Hello Adorn’s spirit animal, Adam was born to elevate the people around him and to lead from the back. He’s the life coach you’d actually want to hire and is a huge part of why the Hello Adorn culture is unmatched. Jess’s perfect counterpart, this unflappable cool customer practices what he preaches: People first. What he doesn’t do quite as well is answer our speed round questions as asked. But the answers are even more telling for that reason.

Favorite type of food?

Spicy (If you haven’t heard of the Spicedonia region, you’re not alone)

Favorite musical artist?

Constantly changing, but I’m on a Machine Gun Kelly trip right now

Favorite brand?

Melin, Vans (couldn’t just do one, Adam?)

Favorite movie?

Point Break, answer followed shortly with “obviously!”

Favorite TV show?

Friends. Now THAT is Courtney Cox’s best work.

Favorite thing to do while on vacation?

Visit the local coffee shops. You can learn so much about a place this way and there are gems basically everywhere if you look.

Beach or Mountains?

Too hard to choose, this is the question we constantly ask ourselves. (Adam is an avid enjoyer of all sports “board” be it on pavement, snow, lake, or ocean.)

Favorite game/sport to play?

Hockey, anything on the water or anything sideways. (Adam, this isn’t how “favorites” work. Sigh…)

Favorite game/sport to watch?

Snowboarding (that’s more like it!)

What city would you want to move to?

Laguna Beach for the ocean, Vail for the mountains. I’ve been told I’m terrible at answering these questions so I’m going with Laguna Beach, final answer.

What was your first job?

Landscaping at a golf course. I believe the pay was a staggering $5.25/hr.

What is a small thing that makes your day better?

Getting a good workout in

What is your favorite lyric from a song?

I’m told I make up a lot of lyrics so this may not be a good question for me. However, the Beastie Boys seemed to be onto something when they simply stated...”You have to fight, for your right, to party” So, work hard/play hard. (A truly unique take on those lyrics in this editor’s opinion)


And the big ones...

What can Jess always beat you at?

Eating healthy

What can you always beat Jess at?

Everything (better get those sheets ready on the couch…)


So there you have it. Can we truly ever know these truly unique three dimensional characters? Probably not. But are we closer than we were? Maybe. One thing does seem to be universally true about Adam and Jess though. People with the good fortune of befriending, working with, or generally knowing them feel lucky for it. Ask around. That’s really all you need to know.