Everything You Need To Know About Ear Cuffs

Everything you need to know about ear cuffs by Hello Adorn.

The age-old problem: You want a better ear party, but you have no or only a single piercing. This multiple piercing envy is getting real. Or you have multiple piercings, but it still isn't enough. Your ear story has more to tell, but you can't just keep adding piercings! Debatable, but we get it...

Hello Adorn's Ear Cuff collection in 14k gold ear cuff and sterling silver ear cuff.


That's where our Ear Cuffs come in. Well, not actually "in". That's the point. But what do you need to know about ear cuffs in general? About our ear cuff line up? Let's do it. Check out these FAQs about ear cuffs:

Do ear cuffs stay on? An important question. The short answer is "yes", but here's what to keep in mind: Ear cuffs are designed to give that earring look without a piercing. They are placed over the desired portion of the ear. That can be lower lobe, mid, or upper lobe. Once placed, they are secured by squeezing so that the natural pressure of the metal shape holds them where they are. You want to squeeze tight but not to an uncomfortable degree. Since it isn't actually going through a piercing, there are limits to how well they will stay in place. However, if pinched well to the lobe, they will securely stay in place for hours or days, assuming you aren't entering a 24 hour head banging competition. Best practice is to check and make sure they are still tight and where you clamped them every few hours. 

Hello Adorn's Double Up Ear Cuff earring placed high on the lobe as a cartilage piercing.

Do you need a piercing for ear cuffs? No. No piercing required. That's one of the best parts. You can go as big or as minimal as you want without your number of piercings even coming into play. Ear cuffs are wrapped around the desired part of your ear lobe and held on by the pressure of the "pinch" of the cuff itself. Whether you have zero piercings, one, two, or more, you can always add more cuffs to the mix.

Beaded Ear Cuff by Hello Adorn in 14kt gold fill perfect for cartilage piercing earrings.

Do ear cuffs fall off easily? Not if placed on your ear correctly. If you are concerned that your ear cuffs may fall out, the best way to prevent this is to make sure the "pinch" is secure, the part of the ear is substantial (so the cuff has something to hold on to), and that you check them semi-regularly to see if they have shifted or moved since putting them on. Doing this will prevent you from losing your cuffs in most instances. 

Ear Cuff Duo by Hello Adorn with Tiny Twists and Annex Studs.

What are cuff earrings called? It depends who you ask. We and many others call them ear cuffs. Some also use the term conch hoops, but this can also refer to a piercing which goes through the "concha", the part of the upper ear where the lobe spirals back in and meets the interior of your ear. So a conch hoop can, depending on who is saying it, mean a piercing hoop that goes through that part of the ear or a cuff that "pinches" that portion of the ear. Other terms that are sometimes used include ear wraps, ear huggies, ear bands, and a few others. Be careful as some of these terms are also often referring to piercing-style earrings. Pro tip: Always read the product description closely.

Beaded Ear Cuff by Hello Adorn styled with mini annex studs, twist earrings, and double up ear cuff in 14k gold fill.

What do ear cuffs symbolize? Historically, they were a symbol of wealth and status in ancient times according to jewelry aficionado, Katerina Perez. What does it symbolize now? Great taste, in our opinion. 

Gold double up ear cuff shown laying flat by Hello Adorn.

Are ear cuffs in fashion? Depending on how you measure it, most agree that, right now, they most definitely are. Whether it is judged by how many you see on the red carpet or how many sold last year, most indicators suggest that they are currently a "yes". 

Hello Adorn Ear Cuffs styled with Tiny Twist earrings and Annex Studs.
So there ya go. Does that cover all the ear cuff questions? Never. We'll keep at it. But what do we know for sure? Let's hit the highlights: Ear cuffs don't require a piercing. Ear cuffs are a great way to up your ear party whether you have no piercings or ten. They won't fall out if used appropriately. They're called a few things, but "ear cuff" is the most popular name. And they symbolize some stuff. Got it? Got it. Now, may your ear party be everything you dream it to be.