Earth Day: Words from our Green, Keen, Earth-Saving Dream Team

Earth Day: Words from our Green, Keen, Earth-Saving Dream Team

Happy Earth Day from the Hello Adorn team where our policy is “Go green or GTFO!”. Notttt actually, but we do try to make eco-conscious decisions in the workplace and at home as often as we can. We asked the whole team at our weekly meeting (Lau’s Carbs) one way they’re going green at work, at home, and one green initiative they’d like to implement in their lives. Check out their responses below!

Bella holding ceramic coffee mug.  Row of Schwinn bikes. Reusable lunch bag and Yeti thermos.

Green-minded initiatives we do at WORK with Mother Earth in mind.

  • We save all our metal scraps and either reuse them for the Patchwork Bracelet or send them back to the manufacturer to recycle. -Mikayla
  • I limit the amount of times I eat out within a work week to reduce food waste, plastic, and drive time. -Britlyn
  • I bought myself a lunchbox! With the existence of said lunchbox, I’m encouraged to pack my lunch everyday, and go to Culver’s…less. -Cait
  • We are dedicated to recycling plastic (1 and 2), cardboard, and glass around the studio. Do a little digging around what you can (and can’t) recycle in your area! -Kelsey
  • Piggybacking off of Kelsey’s suggestion, I am the recycle POLICE around here. Someone has to be on the lookout for the offenders throwing cans in the trash. -Trey
  • I unplug electronics when I’m not using them. Believe it or not, devices DO use power even when not turned on. -Lizzie
  • My coffee comes with me to work everyday in a reusable mug—instead of all the single-use coffee cup waste. -Bella
  • Instead of using paper dishes and plastic silverware around the office, we supply real dishes and silverware. -Jess G
  • About a year ago, we switched from plastic mailers, to recyclable cardboard boxes to ship out all our jewelry. -Adam

Rack of Richer Poorer tshirts. Potted plant on a stack of books. Patchwork bracelet on a dish.

Green-minded initiatives we do at HOME.

  • I compost all the food waste from my kitchen. -Mikayla
  • I religiously remember to bring my Aldi reusable bags into the grocery store. -Britlyn
  • Instead of recycling paper bags after one use, I continue to use them to extend their life. -Cat
  • Finding and shopping sustainable brands is my jam–feel good; look cute. -Dani
  • I save vegetable and bone scraps to make my own broth; instead of tossing that all in the landfill or compost. -Bella
  • I depend on natural light around the house, as opposed to using overhead lighting. -Juliann
  • There’s about a 10 plants/1 room ratio around my house. The air at the Gardner residence is CLEAN. -Jess G
  • By washing the majority of my clothing in cold water, the machine saves a lot of energy by not heating up water. -Stephanie
  • I don’t buy paper towels or plastic bags–at all! Rags and reusable containers all. the. wayyyy. -Jess B

Drawer of reusable dishes. Photo of potted plant. Dani holding reusable water bottle.

Eco-conscious decisions we’d like to implement.

  • Consolidate papers when printing or don’t print paper at all. -Mikayla
  • Explore alternatives (when we can) to the plastic we currently use around the studio–or don’t use plastic at all. -Cat
  • Start a garden that we can ALL source vegetables and herbs from in the summer. -Juliann
  • Stop using crinkle paper in our packaging. -Jess G
  • Use rags in place of paper towels. -Trey
  • Offer encouragement/incentives for eco-friendly commuting. -Lau
  • Reduce the amount of single-use coffee cups we consume. -Britlyn
  • At the end of winter, we all went through our closets and did a clothes exchange and donated the items that didn't get claimed. Let's recreate the same event at the end of spring! -Bella

Every little bit counts, and small changes make big differences over time. There are certainly additional strategies we can implement to make this team greener–hop on over to one of our social accounts, and tell us what we missed!