Hi! We're Adam and Jess. We make beautifully handcrafted jewelry, together. It's our smallest accomplishment yet.   


Our Story

We're a couple of dreamers. We both had 10+ year careers in the demanding world of corporate finance and insurance where dreams are meant to be big. Big business. Big companies. Big responsibilities. But where we really found happiness was traveling and spending time together with our children and our families. With Jess having recently lost both of her parents there was a heavy realization that there's no guarantee for tomorrow and these moments that we love are precious. These 'big' dreams we had accomplished weren't allowing us the time to enjoy the things that really made us happy. That's when we decided that we wanted a small dream. A small business that would allow us the opportunity to create happiness. We make beautiful jewelry that makes us just as happy as it makes the people who receive it. We let go of our big dreams for a small dream that would create an opportunity for us to enjoy our lives the way we want to. Together and truly happy. We're still dreaming big, just in a smaller way. 


Thanks for visiting and helping us make our biggest small dream come true.

xo, Jess and Adam